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Tips for Returning to Work Post-Pandemic | San Diego Connect Interview 2

Staying healthy as workplaces open back up is a key aspect for society and employees returning to normal workplace. However, if employers are making their team members return to work in a COVID-saturated environment, it might be time to call a hostile work environment attorney like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC.

Edwin Aiwazian, co-founder of Lawyers for Justice, PC, sat down with Alex Steiniger from San Diego Connect, to discuss the best way for employees to return to work amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. As new COVID variants continually come into the stratosphere, it is important for all professionals to stay safe.

According to Aiwazian, all employers should be providing adequate PPE materials – like face masks, temperature checks, clean work stations, and hand sanitizer. They should also instruct all employees to wear face masks in accordance with county requirements.

Lawyer for Justice, PC prides itself on being a contingency firm, which means that the firm does not get paid, not collect any up-front fees from clients until we win the case. Not only does it make our services more accessible to workers in need, but it also demonstrates how confident our hostile work environment attorneys are in the legal services we provide.

The best part of all, if employees are returning to work during the COVID pandemic, they are eligible to be reimbursed for COVID-related expenses. If your employer refuses to pay for the COVID-19 PPE you paid for out of pocket, then call our hostile work environment attorneys so we can hold your employer accountable. Or, if your employer says it’s okay to work from home, but you are incurring a higher phone bill because you’re making work calls, part of that phone bill can be reimbursed as a business expense as well.

Employees have the right to feel safe at work and to be treated fairly. If you feel like your workplace conditions are unsafe, you aren’t being properly supported with proper PPE materials, or your employer refuses to reimburse you for necessary COVID business expenses, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today. Our hostile work environment attorneys have been fighting for California workers for over a decade and promise to continue that good fight.

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