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Has that car you bought been a headache since the day you brought it home? Are you frustrated because a retailer never has the item advertised at the sale price and tries to sell you a pricey item instead? Have you been the victim of telemarketing fraud? You are not alone. Fortunately, California has some of the strongest consumer rights laws in the country.

Under California Law, You Have the Right To:

  • Know that what you buy is safe
  • Know the truth about what it is, its quality, and its quantity
  • Make informed choices
  • Fight back if you have been cheated


California consumer protection law was enacted to protect buyers’ rights. Many California residents aren’t well-versed in consumer protection laws, federal laws, and unfair business practices, and thus do not know when they can fight back or have a legal issue on their hands. However, if there is even the slightest thought that there was a violation surrounding a purchase, of if there were scams or a fraud report, it is important to consult with an experienced consumer rights attorney who knows the law; and furthermore, can decide if a lawsuit is warranted.

California has some very broad laws, such the Unfair Competition Law , the False Advertising Act, and the Consumer Legal Remedies Act that protect consumer rights in a variety of circumstances. Most commonly, consumer protection lawsuits relate to false advertising, unfair or fraudulent business practices, or product liability issues.

Other consumer protection issues could include the telephone consumer protection act, fair credit reporting act, and fair debt collection practices.

California also has some very specific laws, such as the automobile “Lemon Law” (defective products) or limits on the interest rates that may be charged on short-term loans.

At Lawyers for Justice, PC, our consumer rights lawyer team protects consumer rights as well as employment rights and help clients receive financial compensation when warranted. We have had many class action lawsuits filed because our law offices hold the best interests of the consumer in mind. Always. Our attorneys have sophisticated knowledge of state and federal laws and provide legal counsel and services to protect the average California consumer and get them what they deserve, either in a class action lawsuit or other payments.

Are you Afraid of Losing Your Home in California?

Life comes at everyone fast. If a consumer is afraid of losing their home in a bankruptcy, California’s Homestead Law may protect them, or at least some of the value of the home. If foreclosure or eviction are potential problems, particularly if the dwellers are elderly or disabled, other laws may buy them time to find a solution. And our consumer protection attorney team offers legal services that can help.

In early 2021, various California and federal moratoriums on evictions and foreclosures went into effect.  It is a rapidly-evolving situation, so it is important to consult with an experienced California consumer protection lawyer who knows consumer protection laws.

Bad Car? California’s Lemon Laws Can Help

As many as one in ten vehicles have a mechanical issue that might qualify under the California Lemon Law, making them a defective product. Lemon lawsuits typically allege that the car company was unable to repair a warranted defect in a reasonable number of repair attempts; a lawsuit like this usually seeks either a monetary settlement or a refund of the purchase price.

Under the California Vehicle Code, it is illegal to sell or advertise a vehicle in which the odometer has been altered so that it does not reflect the car’s true mileage. The time limits for bringing these consumer protection law issues are very short, so it is important to seek legal advice on consumer protection from consumer rights attorneys, like the ones at the Lawyers for Justice, PC. law firm These issues could also classify as a class action lawsuit if enough consumers have been affected.

Are You Experiencing Price Gouging on a Small Loan?

California imposes maximum interest rate caps to prevent lenders from charging excessive rates on small consumer loans. These caps are intended to protect consumers from excessive interest rates that make the loans difficult to repay and drain consumers of their resources. Payday lenders, auto title, and installment lenders can be particularly notorious – and they often know they’re offering high interest loans to lenders who are in a bind and need compensation quickly.

With interest rates that may total well over 100 percent on a yearly basis, it is very easy to become trapped in a cycle of borrowing and re-borrowing to pay off previous loans. First, don’t fall for it. Second, get some legal help from a reputable law firm.

Identity Theft in California

It has been estimated that a California consumer falls victim to identity theft every two seconds. Many are billed or are charged money for resources they never bought. California’s Identity Theft Act makes it illegal to take someone’s personal identifying information and use it in any unlawful or fraudulent manner. The law forces creditors and debt collectors to investigate claims of fraudulent accounts upon receipt of written notice. The attorneys at our law firm has handled other cases – sometimes in court – centering around clients being forced to pay for items purchased by someone who stole their identity. We represent all consumers who have faced hardships and lost money and are not afraid to go to court to obtain justice.

Lawyers for Justice, PC works on a contingency basis, which means consumers are not responsible to provide any up-front compensation to our attorneys in order to retain our attorney services. Our mission is to represent those who cannot dispute their issues alone. Consumer protection and protecting consumers is one of our greatest strengths and passions.

California Antitrust and Unfair Competition Laws

Very often antitrust laws are thought to provide safety to a small business when going up against giant businesses. In fact, protecting fair competition also benefits all consumers by providing an incentive for lower prices — and also by allowing for a bigger market of goods and services to be available. California’s antitrust and unfair competition laws apply to the health care industry, internet, insurance, labor market, telecommunications (like the aforementioned telephone consumer protection act), energy, and a wide variety of other businesses.

At Lawyers for Justice, PC, we are dedicated to consumer protection and compensation. California has some of the most consumer-friendly laws in the nation and we are here to make sure they work for those we represent.

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