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Experienced Sacramento Employment Lawyers

Lawyers for Justice, PC has a presence in California’s capital fighting for workers’ rights. Many California employees face unfair work conditions at some point in their career, whether its wage and hour disputes, unfair business practices, fraudulent employment agreements, workplace harassment, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or whistleblower retaliation, to name a few.

California law requires that employers cannot discriminate against employees or take advantage of them in a way that would impact their wage (like not allowing them to take proper rest breaks). However, big businesses and corporations sometimes still engage in illegal activities. Lawyers for Justice, PC is a firm of Sacramento employment lawyers with a strong understanding of employment discrimination, personal injury, and California employee rights. The law firm has brought cases against the largest companies and has over a decade of legal experience fighting for those who need a voice the most.

Sacramento Labor Law Violations

Sacramento employees have a lawful right to privacy in the workplace, which applies to their personal possessions like purses, backpacks, briefcases, or any type of storage bin that only the employee has access to. This privacy also includes any mail that is addressed to an assigned employee.

Worker privacy also spills over into conversations they are having on personal phone calls, however, those same rights don’t apply to work-related e-mails and internet usage while an employee is on the clock or working from a work computer.

Employee Rights in Sacramento:

  • Employees have the right to a safe workplace without dangerous conditions that may incur injuries or illness.
  • Employees have the right to be paid fairly for the work they are hired to complete.
  • Employees have the right to workplace that does not condone harassment and/or discrimination.
  • Employees also have the right to not be retaliated against for filing a complaint or whistleblowing against an employer.

Prospective employees also have rights, which also include the right not to be discriminated against based upon characteristics like race, national origin, religion, age, or gender during the interview process.

An employer may not ask an applicant about their religious beliefs or make any lewd harassing remarks.

Types Of Employment Law Cases We Handle:

  • Unpaid Overtime: If an employee diligently works overtime hours but their employer is not paying them for their time on the clock, they can reach out to LFJ to seek assistance in suing their employer to recover the wages they are owed – and possibly even additional compensation.
  • Unpaid Wages: In the case of am employer purposely (or accidentally) not paying an employee their full wages, the attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC fight for the employee who was not paid their full wages. The attorneys formulate a case that seeks to recover any unpaid money for Sacramento workers. 
  • Wrongful Termination: This occurs when an employee is unjustly terminated from their workplace. Fired employees come to LFJ in an effort to bring a lawsuit against the employer. The lawyers at LFJ use their sophisticated knowledge of the law to make employers accountable for illegal firing.
  • Hostile Work Environment Cases:The lawyers at LFJ help employees who have been victims of a work environment that permitted discrimination, harassment, unfair work conditions, and even violence or threats of violence.
  • Sexual Harassment at Work:The firm handles sexual harassment issues in the workplace that vary in intensity – from verbal sexual harassment to more pervasive physical sexual harassment and assault.

In addition to discrimination, wage and hour issues, and the harassment outlined earlier, any unfair treatment of a San Francisco worker due to their national origin is also unacceptable.

National origin discrimination violates California laws and attorneys see it in the California employment industry more times than one may think. And sometimes it can bring about an employment law suit. Whether a worker has suffered discrimination or been fired from a position illegally or wrongfully, the Sacramento employment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC can help and provide legal advice.


Employers Know Better

Perhaps the most frustrating part about having to hire an employment law firm to represent clients in a Sacramento employment court case is that most times, the employers know they are acting unlawfully. The Sacramento employment lawyers at LFJ have a deep understanding of the employment laws, and provide specialized services that help clients who need help the most.

Employers should never harass employees, or allow other employees to harass their coworkers based in part upon sexual orientation or national origin. Employers must also be aware of harassment and discrimination in their workplace, otherwise they are negligent.

When Sacramento clients come to the Lawyers for Justice, PC law firm and are represented by the Sacramento lawyers, they come away with legal advice and a strong legal strategy of how to move forward and fight against employers who could have stopped harassment in the first place.

A Sacramento Firm That Assists Clients

Sacramento is not only the state capital of California, but it is also one of the most highly-populated regions in the state. Lawyers for Justice, PC’s Sacramento area labor law attorneys fight for many Sacramento residents when they experience unpaid wages, unpaid overtime. wrongful termination, hostile work environment cases, sexual harassment at work, and workplace injury.

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a Sacramento employment law firm that fights for workers and helps them fight back against the bully bosses who showed them discrimination. The firm’s super lawyers represent Sacramento residents who have suffered discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, workplace injuries, and other work-related issues.

The Sacramento employment lawyer team at LFJ know how frustrating it can be to be stuck in a workplace that treats workers unfairly – and because of that, the law firm makes law and legal services more accessible. The law firm works on a contingency basis, which means the Sacramento attorneys are not paid unless they win your case. The law firm collects zero up-front fees for its clients to retain legal services.

Employment Attorneys in Sacramento Fighting Discrimination

Lawyers for Justice, PC has nearly fifteen years of experience fighting against discrimination and upholding California’s employment laws. The firm has taken on huge corporations – and won – to ensure that justice was served to the employees who were mistreated.

LFJ’s Sacramento employment law attorneys have extensive experience dealing with intricate employment laws and always fight to ensure their clients get the wage and respect they deserve in the workplace. The employment lawyer team at Lawyers for Justice, PC employs labor lawyers who aren’t afraid to fight, and who always use their powerful voice to stand up for employees.

An Orange County Employment Lawyer That Cares

Whether employees have experienced sexual harassment, wrongful termination, sustained a personal injury, faced discrimination because of sexual orientation, or other types of employment law violations, the Orange County labor attorney firm that many trust is Lawyers for Justice, PC.

The employment law firm represents employees across California in employment claims against their employer or even fellow employees. The LFJ law offices are proud to practice law and offer a free consultation for employees seeking to file employment law cases because the employment lawyer team understand how daunting finding an employment lawyer can be.

Employees can be exploited or abused by their employer when they speak up for themselves. But the employment law attorney team at Lawyers for Justice, PC knows how to build an employment law case that strongly positions the employee to win.

How is an Employment Law Case Settled?

After Lawyers for Justice, PC’s employment law attorneys are successful in winning a case, the employment law attorney can negotiate a settlement on behalf of the employee before the case is filed.

LFJ’s employment attorney team always strives to get the most for employees.


What Are My Rights As An Employee In California? FAQ

The federal and California state employment law has become more complex.

  • can I sue my employer for unpaid wages? While every Sacramento wage and hour case is different, if a worker is not being paid fairly for their labor, under California law they can bring a lawsuit to their place of business.
  • how to sue an employer for unpaid wages? The LFJ attorney team works with employees from the very beginning to help them understand the type of law they practice, provide legal advice, and ensure each workers finds the best law firm for them. The first step is to call Lawyers for Justice, PC and speak to one of our specialists. If the case is a right fit, one of the law firm’s attorneys will reach out to move forward on the issue. 818-647-9323.
  • can undocumented workers make legal claims for unpaid wages? The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) investigates and resolves complaints about retaliation, wages, child labor, hours of work, and even working conditions. Whether you are a documented or undocumented worker in California, you have rights protected by state laws that guarantee payment of wages for work performed.
  • how much can you sue for unpaid wages? Exact amounts vary depending on the pervasiveness and intensity of each case. The best thing to do is to seek legal advice from a labor lawyer by calling 818-647-9323.
  • how to claim unpaid wages? If a worker feels they have not been paid their proper wage, the best thing to do is seek out a Sacramento labor lawyer who can help them recover what they are owed. Call 818-647-9323.
  • is unpaid overtime legal? No, unpaid labor is never legal. Certain wage law depends on the type of employee which an employer classifies a worker. Salaried workers, who are not paid hourly, are sometime not eligible to collect overtime pay, while hourly workers are. This matter – and other legal advice pertaining to a particular case – can be answered and sought after by calling the LFJ office for a FREE consultation at 818-647-9323.
  • how to prove unpaid overtime AND how to report unpaid overtime? The best way to prove unpaid overtime is to keep a diligent record of the hours scheduled vs. worked. Sometimes this record of labor can be separate from a time clock to ensure outside accuracy. If the hours do not align, use the discrepancies as proof and show them to a lawyer.
  • can I sue my employer for unpaid overtime? Similar to unpaid wages, as stated above, the same can be said for unpaid overtime. The first step in determining eligibility is to call Lawyers for Justice, PC and speak to one of our specialists. If the case is a right fit, one of the law firm’s attorneys will reach out to move forward on the issue. 818-647-9323.
  • what damages can I recover from unpaid overtime? Specific damage award amounts will vary, but many times damages can accrue if employers knew about the unpaid overtime and did nothing to remedy it. But a Sacramento employment lawyer will be able to provide more clarity.


How Does Hiring A Lawyer Work?  – FAQ

  • how much does an employment lawyer cost? Because Lawyers for Justice, PC works on a contingency basis, clients pay ZERO up-front fees to retain legal services. The law firm is only paid if and when they win the client’s case.
  • when does an employee need an employment lawyer? A Sacramento employee should call an employment lawyer if they want someone who is extremely knowledgable and experienced in the law to fight on their side. Lawyers know parts of the law that the normal person does not, so having an attorney on the client’s side can greatly improve their chances of victory.
  • how to find an employment lawyer? The best way to find an employment lawyer in Sacramento is to call Lawyers for Justice, PC at 818-647-9323. If the Sacramento employment lawyers cannot take the case, they will refer potential clients to a firm that can.
  • what does an employment lawyer do? A Sacramento employment lawyer helps California workers who have bee mistreated, wrongfully fired, or taken advantage of in the workplace and helps them find justice through mediation, settlements, or taking the bully employer to court.

Contact an Experienced Sacramento Lawyer

If you live or work in the Sacramento metropolitan area and are experiencing workplace harassment, missing wages, or something else you think might be unlawful, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today for a FREE consultation at 818-647-9323. The Sacramento labor law attorneys defend California workers and residents to make sure they have a powerful voice and receive justice in the workplace.

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