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Why lawyers for justice

The law provides employees with rights they can exercise in a wide range of circumstances. Unfortunately, not all companies abide by their legal obligations or treat all employees fairly and equally. All too often, workers are terminated, harassed, discriminated against, or have their wages reduced or career opportunities blocked for the wrong reasons. People who put all their energy into their professions rarely have the legal know-how to fight their unscrupulous employers.

That’s what Lawyers for Justice, PC, is here for. You have the right to sue your employer for any type of discrimination, whether its denial of employment opportunities, an adverse change in the terms of your employment, or wrongful termination due to qualities known as “protected classifications” (age, race, gender, etc.) or exercising your legal duties to report illegal activities or unsafe conditions. We represent workers who have been treated unfairly and get them compensated as the result of their employers illegal actions and the hardship brought on by their employer’s actions.

Our litigation professionals have extensive experience in representing clients in many types of employment and labor law cases. We’ve won a huge number of class action lawsuits ranging from unfair business practices to consumer fraud. If an employer violates California’s Labor Code, Business and Professions Code, or federal employment laws, we can protect employees’ rights and entitlements, in many different industries.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Injustice is no match for our team. Whether seeking legal advice on potential harassment or wage and hour violation, or are part of a class action lawsuit, you’ll have a strong team behind you. Over the years, we’ve recovered millions of dollars on behalf of California employees. Schedule your free consultation today!