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The Riverside, CA economy employs over 159,000 workers; that’s 159,000 possible chances for workers to retaliate against their employers if their employers treat them unfairly. If you are one of those employees and need a skilled employment law attorney, Lawyers for Justice, PC’s employment advocates will fight when you experience unlawful treatment at work.

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a Riverside, California employment law firm that helps employees stand up to the employers who treat them unfairly, either in their words or actions. The firm’s powerful attorneys represent California residents who have been mistreated in the workplace – either from discrimination, harassment, unpaid wages, workplace injuries, or other work-related issues.

Are you a Riverside employee who has been mistreated at work? Has your boss shown discriminatory behavior against you or your coworkers? Maybe you haven’t been paid for all the overtime hours you worked last month. Whatever the situation may be, Lawyers for Justice, PC is a Riverside law firm that fights for your rights. The firm has a track record of winning and has recovered millions of dollars for California workers over the past decade.

The Riverside employment lawyers at LFJ know how frustrating it can be to be stuck in a workplace that treats its employees unfairly; they’ve seen it happen countless times. However, Lawyers for Justice, PC is a unique employment law firm because it works on a contingency basis. The firm’s Riverside employment lawyers are not paid unless they win your case – that means clients pay ZERO up-front fees to retain legal services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do Employment Lawyers Do?

Employment lawyers protect employees’s rights and ensure fair workplace treatment. One of the primary services employment lawyers offer is assisting employees experiencing workplace discrimination or harassment, whether based on race, gender, age, disability, or other protected characteristics.

This service often includes helping employees understand their rights, pursue claims against their employers, gather evidence, file complaints with appropriate agencies like the federal Equal Opportunity Employment Office (EEOC) and California’s Civil Rights Division (CRD), and representing them in negotiations or court proceedings.

Employment lawyers also assist employees denied fair wages, overtime pay, or benefits by helping recover unpaid wages and ensuring employers comply with labor laws. This advocacy addresses common wage and hour disputes like unpaid overtime, employee misclassification, and denial of breaks or meal periods.

Another area employment lawyers provide crucial support in cases of wrongful termination. Suppose an employee believes their employer fired them unjustly. In that case, an employment lawyer can evaluate the circumstances, advise on legal options, and represent the employee in pursuing claims for damages or reinstatement. Employment lawyers can also help negotiate severance packages and ensure that separation agreements are fair and legally sound.

Finally, employment lawyers help employees understand employment contracts and agreements. They review terms to ensure they are fair and compliant with the law, assisting employees in negotiating better conditions or understanding their rights under existing agreements.

These are just a few services our experienced employment advocates at Lawyers for Justice, PC, offer. No matter what your employment law issue is, we can help safeguard your employee rights and assist in navigating complex workplace legal challenges, providing essential support while seeking justice and fair workplace treatment.

When Do I Need an Employment Lawyer?

Here are some situations where Lawyers for Justice, PC can help:

If you face any of these issues, feel your employer compromised your rights, or are unsure about a situation’s legal implications, an employment lawyer at Lawyers for Justice, PC, can safeguard your rights and help you achieve a fair outcome.

How Long Do I Have to File an Employment Law Claim?

Filing deadlines—known as statutes of limitations—vary depending on the nature of your claim, including:

If you believe you have an employment law case, it’s important to act quickly. Consulting with a skilled employment lawyer at Lawyers for Justice, PC, as soon as possible can help ensure you meet all necessary deadlines and take the appropriate legal steps to protect your rights.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Employment Lawyer?

Costs vary widely based on several factors, including the lawyer’s experience, case complexity, and fee structure. Here’s a general overview:

At Lawyers for Justice, PC, our employment lawyers don’t take a dime unless you win. That means there are no up-front costs to get started. Moreover, we offer free initial consultations, allowing you to discuss our fee structures before working with us.

What Should I Bring to My Meeting with an Employment Lawyer?

Preparing for a meeting with an employment lawyer is crucial to ensure you make the most of your time and get the best possible advice. Here’s a list of what you should bring to your initial consultation:

Being well-prepared for your meeting with us can help ensure you receive accurate and comprehensive legal advice, setting the stage for successfully resolving your employment issues.

Contact Lawyers for Justice, PC Today

If you live or work in the Riverside metropolitan area and are experiencing workplace harassment, missing wages, or something else you think might be unlawful, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today for a FREE consultation at 818-647-9323 or fill out the online contact form. Our Riverside employment lawyers defend California workers and residents to make sure they have a powerful voice and receive justice in the workplace.

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