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Employment Lawyer Oakland

Labor Law Violations In California

Whenever employees have to handle an employment law issue, hiring an Oakland employment lawyer is always the best course of action. The Oakland employment lawyer team at Lawyers for Justice, PC, are extremely skilled in handling employment law cases like workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, rest break and overtime wages issues, emotional distress from stressful workplace conditions, and they also represent employees who were wrongfully terminated.

Lawyers for Justice, PC has proven experience in seeking punitive damages for employee rights. The Oakland employment law firm has been providing legal services to bay area workers in Alameda County and beyond for nearly fifteen years. LFJ’s Oakland employment lawyers have provided effective legal services that have recovered millions of dollars for Northern California workers.

Oakland CA Employees Have Rights

Rights to Privacy

Oakland CA employees have a reasonable right to privacy in their places of work. This includes an Oakland employee having access to their belongings, like backpacks, briefcases, and handbags, as well as any storage lockers where their belongings could be stored. As such, if there is any private mail that is specifically addressed to the employee, they also have have a right to read their correspondences in private.

Oakland employees also have the right to privacy when they conduct personal phone conversations. The only situation in which employee privacy rights do not apply is through the exchange of e-mail messages and internet usage while using their employer’s online network and computer devices.

This Includes:

  • A workplace that doesn’t have dangerous conditions that might potentially cause any injuries or sicknesses.
  • Being compensated fairly for job duties.
  • No harassment nor discrimination of any type.
  • The safety of knowing they will not be retaliated against for being a whistleblower or filing any complaints against an employer.


Rights Against Discrimination

Oakland employees have the right to employment where they do not have to endure discrimination. All employees have legal rights to fair treatment that employers need to uphold.

  • Age Discrimination: Employees – as well as prospective employees who are applying for employment in Oakland – are not allowed to be discriminated against due to their age. If an employee suspects they are receiving unfair treatment – or not being hired – due to their age, they should seek out Oakland employment lawyers who can provide assistance, legal counsel, and possibly litigation if the case has the potential to go to court.
  • Disability Discrimination: Any unfair treatment of an employee due to their physical capabilities falls under employment law. If a California worker feels their boss is discriminating against them because of any actual or perceived disabilities, they could file an employment law case with an Oakland CA law firm, like LFJ.
  • Sex Discrimination: Any discriminatory issues relating to one’s gender or sex in the workplace can be answered by seeking the assistance of an employment law attorney. The lawyers at LFJ not only fight hard for clients, but also provide a free case review to each client.
  • Rights to Wages: Employees have the right to all the wages they are scheduled to receive from the work they perform. If any employers refrain from providing meal or rest breaks or do not pay proper overtime wages, they are in violation of state laws.


Types Of Employment Law Cases Lawyers for Justice, PC Handles:

  • Unpaid Overtime: If an employee works overtime hours but their employer is not paying them for their time on the clock, they can seek out LFJ’s Oakland employment lawyer team to assist in bringing a court case against their employer to recover the wages they are owed – and possibly even additional compensation.
  • Unpaid Wages: In employment law cases where an Oakland employer purposely (or accidentally) violates the law by not paying an employee their full wages, the employment law attorney team at Lawyers for Justice, PC fight for the employee who was not paid their full wages. The Oakland employment lawyer team formulates a case that seeks to recover any unpaid money for Oakland workers.
  • Wrongful Termination: When an employee is unjustly terminated from their workplace, hiring an employment law attorney is a wise idea. Employees who were fired can seek a free consultation so they can understand their workplace and civil rights even better. The Oakland employment lawyer team at LFJ use their sophisticated knowledge of the state and federal law to make employers accountable for illegal firing and wrongful termination.
  • Hostile Work Environment Cases: In an employment dispute over hostile work conditions, the employment attorney team at LFJ helps Oakland employees who have been victims of a work environment that permitted discrimination, harassment, unfair work conditions, and even violence or threats of violence.


What Are My Rights As An Employee In California? – FAQ

  • can I sue my employer for unpaid wages? While every Oakland CA employment law case is different, if a worker is not being paid fairly for their labor, under California law they can bring a lawsuit to their employer and/or place of business. 
  • how to sue and employer for unpaid wages? The best course of action is to find super lawyers with effective legal services that can provide employment law legal counsel. When an employment law attorney is on the side of the employee, a lawsuit can be filed in the most efficient manner.
  • can undocumented workers make legal claims for unpaid wages? The Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) investigates and resolves complaints about retaliation, wages, child labor, hours of work, and even working conditions. Whether a worker is documented or undocumented in Oakland, they have rights protected by state employment law that guarantee payment of wages for work performed.
  • how much can you sue for unpaid wages? Exact amounts vary depending on the pervasiveness and intensity of each employment law case. The best thing to do is to seek legal advice from the employment lawyers at the Lawyers for Justice, PC by calling 818-647-9323.
  • how to claim unpaid wages? The most strategic way to claim any unpaid wages is to contact an employment law attorney who can provide a free consultation in Northern California and fight for the rights of those who have not been paid. The employment law attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC are ready to take on new clients. Call 818-647-9323.
  • is unpaid overtime legal? California law requires employers to pay their employees overtime, whether authorized or not, at the rate of 1.5 times the employee’s regular rate of pay for all hours worked, when their workday exceeds 8 hours, up to and including, 12 hours in any workday. An employment law attorney can provide more pertinent information. Call 818-647-9323.
  • how to prove unpaid overtime? The best way to prove unpaid overtime is to keep a diligent record of the hours scheduled vs. worked. Sometimes this record of labor can be separate from a time clock to ensure outside accuracy. If the hours do not align, use the discrepancies as proof and show them to a lawyer.
  • can i sue my employer for unpaid overtime? Similar to unpaid wages, as stated above, the same can be said for unpaid overtime. The first step in determining eligibility is to call Lawyers for Justice, PC and speak to one of our specialists. If the case is a right fit, one of the law firm’s attorneys will reach out to move forward on the issue. 818-647-9323.
  • how to report unpaid overtime? Keep a record of hours worked and call an employment law attorney with the evidence so they can fight for your rights. Call 818-647-9323.
  • what damages can I recover from unpaid overtime? Specific damage award amounts will vary, but many times damages can accrue if employers knew about the unpaid overtime and did nothing to remedy it. But an Oakland employment lawyer will be able to provide more clarity.


Hostile Work Environment – FAQ

  • what is considered a hostile work environment in California? In California, a hostile work environment usually refers to a workplace in which sexual harassment, discrimination, and mental or physical abuse is so pervasive it becomes distracting to the victim’s ability to perform their job duties.
  • what behaviors are considered criteria for a hostile work environment? Harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination of religion, gender, and/or national origin, victimization, violence, and any conduct that is unwelcome. All of these behaviors can create a hostile work environment if they happen consistently or purposefully, either once, or multiple times.
  • Is hostile work environment illegal? Yes, it is a form of workplace harassment is prohibited under the Fair Employment and Housing Act.
  • can you sue for hostile work environment? An Oakland worker may have grounds to sue their boss if they created — or failed to prevent — a hostile work environment, because it is a type of workplace harassment. The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) prohibits hostile work harassment.


Wrongful Termination – FAQ

  • what is wrongful termination? This is a circumstance in which an employee’s job has been terminated and the termination breaches one or more terms of a contract of employment, or public law.
  • can you sue for wrongful termination in California? Yes, an Oakland CA worker can sue their employer to recover damages, and in some cases, the company may be required to pay significant extra penalties and costs. Call 818-647-9323 for more information.


How Does Hiring A Lawyer Work? – FAQ

  • how much does an employment lawyer cost? The employment law attorneys at LFJ provide a free consultation to prospective clients and do not charge any upfront fees. A client only pays LFJ if an attorney wins their case.
  • when does an employee need an employment lawyer? Any time they want a sophisticated, educated, and experienced advocate who can fight for them, vouch for their issue, and are interested in seeking compensation for how they were wronged.
  • how to find an employment lawyer? Call 818-647-9323 for a free consultation and speak to an attorney about a specific work issue.
  • what does an employment lawyer do? An Oakland CA employment attorney can explain a client’s rights to them, can represent them in court for their specific business problem, get litigate, take a boss to meditation with the client, fight wage and hour lawsuits, file class action lawsuits, and more.
  • what questions should I ask an employment lawyer? Good questions to ask can include: years of experience, past cases won, timeline of how the case will proceed, and a comprehensive list of all the people who will be working on the case.

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