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Labor Law Violations In California

Whenever employees have to handle an employment law issue, hiring an Oakland employment lawyer is always the best course of action. The Oakland employment lawyer team at Lawyers for Justice, PC, are extremely skilled in handling employment law cases like workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, disability discrimination, rest break and overtime wages issues, emotional distress from stressful workplace conditions, and they also represent employees who were wrongfully terminated.

Lawyers for Justice, PC has proven experience in seeking punitive damages for employee rights. The Oakland employment law firm has been providing legal services to bay area workers in Alameda County and beyond for nearly fifteen years. LFJ’s Oakland employment lawyers have provided effective legal services that have recovered millions of dollars for Northern California workers.

Oakland CA Employees Have Rights

Rights to Privacy

Oakland CA employees have a reasonable right to privacy in their places of work. This includes an Oakland employee having access to their belongings, like backpacks, briefcases, and handbags, as well as any storage lockers where their belongings could be stored. As such, if there is any private mail that is specifically addressed to the employee, they also have have a right to read their correspondences in private.

Oakland employees also have the right to privacy when they conduct personal phone conversations. The only situation in which employee privacy rights do not apply is through the exchange of e-mail messages and internet usage while using their employer’s online network and computer devices.

This Includes:


Rights Against Discrimination

Oakland employees have the right to employment where they do not have to endure discrimination. All employees have legal rights to fair treatment that employers need to uphold.


Types Of Employment Law Cases Lawyers for Justice, PC Handles:


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