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Bakersfield, a city in California’s Kern County, has a labor force of over 176,000 workers. Lawyers for Justice, PC’s Bakersfield employment lawyers fight for many of Bakersfield’s residents when they experience unlawful treatment at work. 

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a Bakersfield, California employment law firm that helps employees stand up to the employers who treat them unfairly, either in their words or actions. The firm’s powerful attorneys represent California residents who have been mistreated in the workplace – either from discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, unpaid wages, workplace injuries, or other work-related issues.

Are you a Bakersfield employee who has been mistreated at work or been wrongfully terminated? Has your boss shown discriminatory behavior against you or your coworkers? Maybe you haven’t been paid for all the overtime hours you worked last month. Whatever the situation may be, Lawyers for Justice, PC is a Bakersfield employment law firm that fights for employee rights. The firm has a track record of winning and has recovered millions of dollars for California workers over the past decade.

The Bakersfield employment lawyers at LFJ know how frustrating it can be to be stuck in a workplace that treats its employees unfairly; they’ve seen it happen countless times. However, Lawyers for Justice, PC is a unique employment law firm because it works on a contingency basis. The firm’s Bakersfield employment lawyers are not paid unless they win your case – that means clients pay ZERO up-front fees to retain legal services.

If you live or work in the Bakersfield area and are experiencing workplace harassment, missing wages, or something else you think might be unlawful, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today for a FREE consultation at 818-647-9323. Our Bakersfield employment lawyers defend California workers and residents to make sure they have a powerful voice and receive justice in the workplace.

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Employment Law
At Lawyers for Justice we’re experienced in handling all cases of employment law. We cover each of these practice areas on a contingency fee basis – meaning you don’t pay until we win.
Work Injuries
If you’ve been hurt or injured at work, you could be entitled to compensation by filing a work injury lawsuit.
Work Injuries
Consumer Rights
In California consumers are safeguarded against unfair practices in the marketplace. Every time they purchase something and agree to the transaction terms they are involved in a legal transaction, even if it’s just a quick click on the computer.
Consumer rights
Catastrophic & Personal Injuries
At Lawyers for Justice we have handled many complex lawsuits involving catastrophic injuries causing life-changing effects in Los Angeles. We are with you until the end to make sure your case gets the result you need.
Catastrophic personal injuries