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What Laws Protect Los Angeles Employees?

There are a certain and specific set of laws that protect workers both in Los Angeles and throughout California. These Los Angeles employment laws were founded to serve justice for independent contractors, employee rights, wage and hour claims, employment disputes, wage and hour disputes. and other employment related cases.

There are federal employment laws, like the National Labor Relations Act, that affect all American workers. But there are certain state state laws that California-specific employment attorneys can uphold for workers that have been taken advantage of. A California employment law matter that a Los Angeles employment attorney can help with can include age discrimination, issues regarding the Medical Leave Act, an abuse of the Disabilities Act and/or disability discrimination, wage theft, wrongful terminations, and an abuse of the Fair Labor Standards Act.

The Los Angeles employment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC (LFJ) have been helping workers stand up to bully bosses for over a decade. The employment lawyers at LFJ take employment law matters very seriously and take a sophisticated approach in representing employees and providing legal counsel that makes clients feel safe and protected.

The law firm has recovered millions of dollars for Los Angeles workers in any given employment law claim and frequently goes up against big corporations to ensure that justice is served to the employees that work there.

A Los Angeles Employment Attorney That Helps Workers

When a Southern California employee seeks out a Los Angeles employment attorney for wrongful termination, age discrimination, national origin discrimination, or another type of legal recourse against their employer, they are often in a vulnerable position, both emotionally and financially.

Lawyers for Justice, PC works on a contingency fee basis, which means that employees do not have to pay upfront costs to take legal action to get their employment cases started. The Los Angeles employment lawyers at LFJ always offer a free consultation. The firm represents employees and continually puts that as their highest priority.

How Much Does an Employment Lawyer Cost in California?

While price can range depending on the law firm, the Los Angeles employment lawyers at LFJ believe in helping the employee and do not charge upfront fees for legal services. Los Angeles employees only pay if their case is won.

Trying to fight a wrongful termination, Fair Labor Standards Act violation, or abuse of the California Family Rights Act, alone, for example, could be a fruitless effort. Labor lawyers know parts of the law that typical employees do not. Therefore, a Los Angeles employment lawyer is worth the time to hire because they can represent employees and often secure better damages. LFJ’s employment attorneys know how to tailor the legal process to benefit a Los Angeles employee. The firm’s Los Angeles employment attorneys represent people in Los Angeles – and even down to San Diego – in a wide variety of employment law cases.

California Employment Law

California’s employment laws can be very complicated. Good Los Angeles employment attorneys, like the ones working at the LFJ law firm, are extremely knowledgable about the state’s laws and regulations and how those relate to employment law matters.

As mentioned before, employment law is an area of the legal field that seeks justice for labor law violations in California, which include missed meal breaks, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, wrongful termination, and more workplace issues. A Los Angeles employment lawyer can represent an employee and help them settle any employment dispute.

Los Angeles, California is a city in Los Angeles County. While Los Angeles has numerous law firms, the employment law firm that continually helps workers across the large city of Los Angeles is Lawyers for Justice, PC.

LFJ has a team of extremely professional discrimination lawyers, Los Angeles employment attorneys, and wage attorneys who have a very high-level understanding and practice of the law. The employment law attorney team at LFJ isn’t afraid to file a lawsuit against an employer who demonstrated illegal discrimination, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, workplace discrimination, a public policy or federal violation in their business. The Los Angeles employment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC give first priority to employees; the Los Angeles, California firm fights on the behalf of employees in order to protect their rights and ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

While there are Los Angeles employment lawyer teams that represent bosses who are taking advantage of office workers, LFJ is a plaintiff-only firm. That means the team is there to protect and file a lawsuit against the employer who acted in an illegal way.

When to Contact a Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

Whether an employee lives in Malibu or Hawthorne, if they are being mistreated at work, they need a Los Angeles employment lawyer. A Los Angeles employment attorney understands the various laws that are important to each specific case.

The law office at LFJ has been fighting against wrongful termination, missed meal break violations, sexual harassment, and fair labor standards act violations in Los Angeles for over a decade.

Helping Employees and Independent Contractors

Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in America.

For anyone who has faced wrongful termination by their Southern California employers, LFJ can help. The labor attorney team does not only provide legal service to full time, W2 employees, but also contractors working for a company. Contractors may not feel like they have the same rights as traditional employees, but there are still laws that employers must abide by when working with them.

A Los Angeles labor attorney can provide the exact details on the proper treatment of contractors.

Many times, employee rights are violated when an employer misclassifies an employee as an independent contractor to avoid paying them for their rest breaks or overtime hours. Whether an employer violated a Los Angeles County or federal law, or exercised retaliation against a Los Angeles worker, the employment labor attorneys at LFJ can help.

What Do Los Angeles Employment Lawyers Do?

Lawyers for Justice, PC defends workers’ rights across California. The main headquarters of the firm is in Los Angeles County, California but the employment attorneys file claims for clients all over California.

LFJ covers many different employment law practice areas, including employee discrimination, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, disabilities act violations, occupational safety issues, and wage and hour issues, just to name a few. The Los Angeles employment attorneys have extensive experience managing and fighting against illegal business practices and have successfully won millions of dollars for employees in the decade since it was founded.

The attorneys at LFJ have experience defending various practice areas of employment law, from sexual harassment to missed meal break violations. No case is too big or too small.

When Does An Employee Need An Employment Lawyer – FAQ’s:

Contact the Los Angeles Area Labor Lawyers

If you think you are being mistreated at work, either by an employer or a fellow employee, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today. The Los Angeles, contingency fee basis, law firm services San Bernardino Valley workers, San Fernando Valley workers, San Diego employees, and employees across the state that need to seek justice for workplace discrimination or other type of employment related issue.

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