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How Often Are Wrongful Termination Cases Won in California

How Often Are Wrongful Termination Cases Won in California?

If you’re reading this, you’re likely considering pursuing a wrongful termination suit. You’re probably equally interested in your chances of success and therefore wondering, How often are wrongful termination cases won in California? Determining your chances of winning a lawsuit involves thoroughly reviewing your employment history, your employer’s reasons for firing you, any relevant communications […]

laid off from work

Recently Laid Off from Work | Do I Have Legal Options?

Employees face many difficult questions after learning they’ve been laid off from work. Can I afford to pay my rent next month? How will I feed my family? Do I still have healthcare coverage? In a best-case scenario, an employer is ready to answer questions and offer guidance about rights and options for employees affected […]

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Spotting Wrongful Termination: 5 Signs You’ve Been Unfairly Fired

Losing a job is a devastating event that can have long-ranging consequences for employees and their families. Dealing with a sudden termination is all the more challenging when your employer fires you for unfair or undeserved reasons. Many unexpectedly dismissed employees wonder if they could have a legal case against their company. In California, employers […]

Constructive Discharge In California

What is Constructive Discharge?

What is Constructive Discharge? In California, constructive dismissal occurs when an employer’s actions effectively coerce an employee into resigning. This means that despite the employee technically resigning, the law treats it as a termination initiated by the employer. If the employer’s behavior violates laws or breaches the employment contract, the affected employee may have grounds […]

California Paid Sick Leave FAQ

California Paid Sick Leave

In the state of California, most employers abide by a paid sick leave law. Most workers earn Paid Sick Leave to take time off work to care for themself or a family member. Paid Sick Leave is a permanent law in California that requires employers to provide at least 24 hours, or three days off […]

Misclassifying Independent Contractors

Misclassifying Employees as Independent Contractors

Misclassifying employees as independent contractors is a legal and ethical concern in the employment and labor context. This practice occurs when employers label workers as independent contractors rather than employees, often to avoid providing benefits like health insurance, unemployment benefits, worker protections, medical insurance, overtime pay, minimum wage, legal protections, and complying with other labor […]

Can An Employer Withhold A Paycheck For Any Reason?

Can an Employer Withhold a Paycheck for Any Reason?

Can an Employer Withhold a Paycheck for Any Reason? In California, employers are prohibited from withholding an entire paycheck for any reason. However, they may withhold certain amounts for valid reasons. It’s crucial for employers to adhere to California labor laws regarding paycheck distribution to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues. In accordance with California […]