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Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Any kind of accident that leads to serious injuries can seem catastrophic to just about all of us. But a catastrophic personal injury can alter your life affect your loved ones, instantly. Catastrophic injuries reach into all aspects of life: they cause pain and suffering and shatter dreams. In legal terms, “pain and suffering” is compensation for any loss of comfort, happiness, and opportunity that could happen as a result of a severe injury. Serious spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia (paralysis), Amputation, Loss of ambulation (the ability to walk or move about), Traumatic brain injury, severe brain injuries, and brain impairment, Permanent loss of a limb, Blindness, Concussion

Lawyers for Justice, PC can’t take away your pain, but we can ease your financial suffering. Our experienced catastrophic injury lawyers fight to ensure that victims receive the compensation they are entitled to.

When a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other severe injury happens, extensive medical treatment, rehabilitative therapy, and other long-term care becomes necessary. Anyone going through a catastrophic injury needs to consider that they may never be capable of earning the same income as they did before their accident.

If a catastrophic injury happens, the victim, their family, and their loved ones might have to decide whether it makes more financial sense to leave a job in order to be able to provide care at home for the victim or to hire a home health aide or caretaker. Either way, both are tremendous expenses.


How Can a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Help?

Proving catastrophic injuries and calculating their damages is a daunting and complex task. A catastrophic injury lawyer can help with the following:

  • Gather evidence. Lawyers help collect evidence to prove your catastrophic injury case, including photos and videos of the accident, witness statements, medical records, and police reports.
  • Divide liability. Lawyers examine the facts and parties involved to ascertain the portion of liability.
  • Hire experts. Lawyers hire expert witnesses to testify on specific, specialized topics such as your medical injuries and accident reconstruction technology.
  • Handle all paperwork. A lot of paperwork with specific deadlines is involved when filing a catastrophic injury accident claim. Let a seasoned Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorney handle all of your documentation.
  • Deal with insurance companies. Insurance companies’s job is to maximize their income, which means paying you the least amount possible. Having a lawyer on your side helps to ensure you won’t be taken advantage of by the insurance companies.
  • Negotiate with other parties. Never speak to the other parties alone. Attorneys negotiate with the different parties involved to secure the best possible outcome.
  • Represent you in court. Most catastrophic injury cases settle and do not go to trial. However, if your case moves to trial, you need an experienced lawyer to represent you.

Lawyers for Justice, PC has the experience and resources you need at their disposal.

Why Choose Lawyers of Justice, PC?

Our mission is to give our clients a voice against those who wronged them. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorney from our office:

  • Experience—we have over a decade of legal experience fighting for our clients’s justice;
  • Results—we have secured over $100 million for thousands of clients;
  • Fearlessness—we’re not afraid to go up against wealthy companies and will fight for your rights until the end, including going to trial; and
  • Diversity—we pride ourselves on being a diverse team that can reach various communities in the Los Angeles area with attorneys who can speak Armenian, Farsi, French, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, and Spanish.

We also have an attorney proficient in American Sign Language.

Our award-winning Los Angeles catastrophic injury attorneys are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Causes of Common Catastrophic Injuries:

Catastrophic injuries can result from any accident, including:

  • Vehicle accidents,
  • Taxi or rideshare accidents (Uber, Lyft),
  • Airplane, helicopter, and train accidents,
  • Bicycle accidents,
  • Pedestrian accidents,
  • Workplace accident,
  • Construction site accident,
  • Birth injuries,
  • Burn injuries, and
  • Defective drugs.

Catastrophic injury victims often require extensive medical attention and rehabilitation procedures. Sadly, substantial care needs are typically long-term and can even last a lifetime. The stakes are high and financial recovery must include funding for a lifetime of expected expenses.

Will the Insurance Company Help?

No. The job of an insurance company is to pay victims as little as possible to protect their bottom line. They typically dispute liability and the extent of damages. Lawyers for Justice, PC knows first-hand how to deal with insurance companies and corporations facing potentially high-value injury claims.

Because so much depends on a successful claim, having a lawyer who is experienced in catastrophic injury claims is crucial. The attorney you choose needs to have both the experience and resources to handle such cases. An experienced catastrophic injury attorney calculates damages for a catastrophic injury by working with financial experts to determine how much a client’s expenses will be in the short term, and for the rest of their lives. Included in the financial recovery is the potential for future complications that might require additional surgeries or treatments.

Types of Catastrophic Injuries

A catastrophic personal injury can alter your life, and affect your loved ones instantly.

Common catastrophic injuries include the following:

  • Serious spinal cord injuries resulting in paraplegia or quadriplegia (paralysis),
  • Amputation,
  • Loss of ambulation (the ability to walk or move about),
  • Traumatic brain injury,
  • Brain impairment,
  • Permanent loss of a limb,
  • Blindness, and
  • Concussion.

Catastrophic injuries also cause pain and suffering, which refers to loss of comfort, happiness, and opportunity that could happen as a result of resulting from a severe injury.

What Types of Cases Do We Handle?

  • Brain and head injuries,
  • Birth injuries,
  • Burn injuries,
  • Spinal cord injuries,
  • Vehicular accidents
  • Scooter accidents
  • Train accidents,
  • Bicycle accidents,
  • Pedestrian accidents,
  • Helicopter accidents,
  • Airplane accidents,
  • Rideshare accidents,
  • Dog attacks,
  • Wrongful death,
  • Unsafe pharmaceuticals,
  • Corporate fraud, and
  • Defective consumer products (especially auto parts).

Victims who have suffered a catastrophic injury can be temporarily or permanently disabled and often need medical care. But the pain and suffering goes beyond the physical effects. Catastrophic injuries can have devastating effects on jobs (including lost wages), marriages, plans for the future, financial stability, and independence. Even if an injured person has medical insurance, surgeries, hospitalization, and other treatment costs can quickly prove to be out of one’s control. And, victims may not be able to work for months or have jobs waiting when they return — if they can work at all.

Our catastrophic injury lawyers seek to get our clients the help they deserve. We give compassion and support to help victims move forward with their lives.

Work Injuries

If a California worker sustained injuries at work due to a traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, or something else considered catastrophic injuries, they could be entitled to compensation by filing a personal injury work lawsuit – especially if there are medical costs involved in saving the person’s life. On-the-job injuries are often covered by workers’ compensation plans, which are state-mandated programs that provide recovery for workers who suffered severe injuries at work under certain conditions.

The catastrophic injury attorney team at Lawyers for Justice, PC know which injury qualifies as a valid case to explore further. And best of all, we serve justice to our clients; we go after the at-fault party to the full extent of the law. Our catastrophic injury attorney team cares about each person and we put each client’s case to the forefront after a personal injury or accident in the workplace. We have extensive resources and experience to support our clients with their cases to pursue a catastrophic injury settlement, including:

  • Repetitive stress injuries (such as carpal tunnel injuries or injuries resulting from repeated lifting, grabbing, etc.)
  • Slip and fall personal injury
  • Vehicle-related injury
  • Lung and breathing injury
  • Toxic substance injury
  • Spinal cord injuries

What Benefits Are Included?

California will provide for these workers’ compensation benefits:

Medical bills: If you have medical bill costs, they will be reimbursed to help survivors recover from their work-related injuries. However, the choice of doctors or treatment might be limited.

Temporary disability benefits: If an injury prevents survivors from performing their job normally and they lose wages, they may file a claim to receive temporary disability benefits. These payments are usually available only after an employee misses several days of work, which often total about two-thirds of normal wages.

Permanent disability benefits: If you don’t completely recover from your injuries and they cause a long-term impact, you might receive permanent disability benefits or settlements based on the nature and extent of your impairment or injury.

Death benefits: If a California worker dies from a work-related injury or illness, their spouse, children, or families may receive death benefits.

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