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Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace can have devastating effects on your career, well-being, and dignity. Don't suffer in silence. Take action today by contacting Lawyers for Justice, PC. We provide compassionate support and aggressive representation to empower you in your fight against injustice.

Sexual Harassment

What is sexual harassment? Sexual harassment in the workplace occurs when a co-worker or employer makes unwelcome sexual advances – such as comments, gestures, or actions – toward another employee.

A person’s sex holds no bearing. Sexual harassment is a form of unwelcome conduct that can be done unto someone of the same gender as the harasser, as well as someone who identifies as a different gender.

The harasser does not necessarily have to be sexually attracted to the harassed, either. Employers are legally required to provide a safe, harassment-free workplace. If they fail to meet those legal standards, they may be legally liable for any sexual harassment conducted at the workplace.

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Sexual assault at work is a form of sexual discrimination which violates Title VIII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The term sexual harassment refers to unwanted sexual advances, requests for consent and other verbal and physical conduct involving sexual behavior where the employee submits or rejects such conduct. Title VII covers employers who employ 15 employees and includes state and local government, federal authorities and some federal employees.

Choosing a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Seeking counsel from an experienced and skilled Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can be a crucial step in obtaining the compensation and justice you deserve for what you have been through. Lawyers for Justice, P.C., can be a valuable resource for individuals dealing with sexual harassment claims for several reasons.

Expertise in Sexual Harassment Cases

Lawyers for Justice specializes in handling sexual harassment cases, which means they have in-depth knowledge and experience in this area of law.

Understanding of California Laws

California has robust laws and regulations concerning sexual harassment in the workplace. Lawyers for Justice is familiar with these laws and can navigate them effectively to build a strong case for their clients.

Compassionate and Supportive Approach

Dealing with sexual harassment can be emotionally challenging. Lawyers for Justice takes a compassionate and supportive approach, providing guidance and advocacy while prioritizing their clients’s well-being.

Strong Legal Representation

The firm is known for providing solid legal representation for victims of sexual harassment. They work tirelessly to protect their clients’s rights and seek justice.

Proven Track Record

Lawyers for Justice has a proven track record of success in handling sexual harassment cases. They have helped numerous clients achieve favorable outcomes through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

Personalized Attention

Each case is unique, and Lawyers for Justice understands the importance of personalized attention. They take the time to understand their clients’s specific circumstances and tailor their approach accordingly.

Resourceful and Strategic

The firm is resourceful and strategic in building cases. They gather evidence, interview witnesses, and employ legal strategies to achieve the best possible results for their clients.

What Is Considered Sexual Harassment at Work in California?

Under California law, as aforementioned, unwelcome verbal or physical activity is prohibited, including repeated, deliberate or unwelcome gestures.

If someone in the workplace experiences this type of inappropriate conduct, they can file a sexual harassment claim with a skilled employment attorney. Lawyers for Justice, PC is an employment law firm that represents those who have experienced unlawful harassment and can litigate against employers to prevent sexual harassment from occurring again.

Lawyers for Justice, PC employs over 25 sexual harassment lawyers who know the law inside and out. The law firm puts a high emphasis on a confidential attorney-client relationship and fights for workers’ rights if they have been a victim of sexual harassment.

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What Are Some Examples of Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is never acceptable and can take various forms, including:

  • Verbal harassment—includes making sexual jokes or comments, engaging in sexually explicit conversations, or making unwanted sexual advances verbally;
  • Non-verbal harassment—involves leering, staring, making sexually suggestive gestures, or displaying sexually explicit images or materials;
  • Physical harassment—includes unwanted touching, hugging, kissing, other physical contact of a sexual nature, blocking someone’s path, standing too close, or brushing up against them in a sexual manner;
  • Hostile work environment—refers to an environment where pervasive or severe sexual conduct or comments create an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment; and
  • Retaliation—occurs when an employer takes adverse action against an employee (such as termination, demotion, or harassment) in response to the employee reporting or opposing sexual harassment.

It’s important to note that sexual harassment is not limited to these examples and can manifest in various ways. Employers have a legal obligation to prevent and address sexual harassment in the workplace under federal and state laws. Your Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can help you hold them accountable for their actions.

Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment vs. Hostile Work Environment Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment occurs when there is a workplace benefit that is exchanged (or propositioned for an exchange) for sexual behavior. For example, if an employee has been asking for a raise for three months and the employer agrees to finally give the raise in exchange for performing a sexual favor, that is quid pro quo harassment. This can also happen if an employee is pressured to perform sexual favors to get out of punishment. Quid pro quo sexual harassment is the most obvious type of harassment.

Hostile work environment sexual harassment occurs when the sexual behavior is unwelcome, when the sexual behavior is based upon gender (for example: the harasser has taken an interest in harassing you because of an employee’s gender and not because they are wearing, say, red shoes, which is not illegal), and the harassment must be severe and ongoing.

Which Industries Have the Most Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment can occur in any industry, but specific sectors have been identified as having higher rates or more prevalent issues of sexual harassment. These industries include:

  • Hospitality and food service—workers in hotels, restaurants, bars, and similar establishments may face sexual harassment from coworkers, managers, customers, or guests;
  • Healthcare—employees in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare settings may experience sexual harassment from patients, colleagues, or supervisors;
  • Entertainment and media—actors, musicians, journalists, and other professionals in the entertainment and media industry may encounter sexual harassment from industry insiders, executives, or coworkers;
  • Retail—employees in retail stores, especially those with a high turnover rate and a predominantly young workforce, may experience sexual harassment from customers, managers, or coworkers;
  • Construction and skilled trades—male-dominated industries like construction, engineering, and skilled trades can have instances of sexual harassment directed at female workers or workers from marginalized groups;
  • Technology and startups—the tech industry, including startups and tech companies, has faced scrutiny for instances of sexual harassment, discrimination, and gender-based bias;
  • Education—teachers, professors, and staff members in educational institutions may experience sexual harassment from students, colleagues, or administrators; and
  • Hospitality and travel—workers in the travel industry, such as flight attendants, hotel staff, and tour guides, may encounter sexual harassment from passengers, guests, or coworkers.

It’s important to note that sexual harassment can occur in any industry, and these examples are not exhaustive. Employers in all sectors are responsible for creating a safe and respectful workplace free from harassment and discrimination.

What Can a Victim of Sexual Harassment Do?

  • When there is harassment in the workplace and the person experiencing harassing conduct feels safe enough to ask their harasser to stop, it is important that they do so. However, if the victim of sexual harassment believes they would put their personal safety at risk, they should not confront their abuser.
  • Reporting sexual harassment can be scary. However, if possible, it is important to report the sexual harassment to an HR professional or other method of complaint-making that a company has in place. If the victim reports the unwanted sexual advances and is terminated by their company, they might also be able to sue their employer for wrongful termination. The victim of un wanted sexual advances can also report the sexual harassment to another employee who can vouch that the harassment in the workplace actually happened.
  • If reporting sexual harassment is too daunting, it’s important to at least document the unwelcome sexual advances. Keep a record of every behavior that could be perceived as a sexual nature – either verbal or physical – were committed. Include what was said, the day and time at which it occurred, the people involved, any witnesses, and how the harassing conduct was responded to. Be as detailed as possible so that if the problem persists, there are in-depth examples of each offense.

How Long Does it Take to File a Sexual Harassment Claim?

A good Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer who handles these types of cases will make every attempt to ensure the federal law is upheld to have the case handled promptly. The employment lawyer team at Lawyers for Justice, PC prides themselves on their timeliness.

The California Legislature has acknowledged it can take courage and lots of assistance for sexual misconduct victims to be confident in their claims against the perpetrator(s). An employee victim often needs time to process and understand the truth of their offensive work environment and realize the harassing behavior was no fault of their own.

Possible Long-Term Consequences and Effects of Being Subject to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Employees may have difficulty expressing their feelings about sexual workplace harassment, especially if the harassment in the workplace is pervasive. Sexual harassment victims could suffer psychological and/or physical harm from their incident and it might be necessary to seek private emotional counseling after seeking legal counsel.

For the sexually harassed, these are very real traumatic events and they can manifest in various unhealthy forms. This type of suffering should be taken into consideration when your sexual harassment attorney is helping you determine the value of your claim.

The Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC Can File Sexual Harassment Lawsuits in California

Employers are liable for harassment if they know offensive conduct is taking place and they do nothing to correct the problem. A workplace harassment lawyer at the Lawyers for Justice, PC law firm holds those employers accountable.

Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorneys Who Represent Victims in California

Lawyers for Justice, PC understand the nuances of the law and they fight for the rights of their clients, regardless of the opponent. California law protect victims of sexual harassment and LFJ’s hostile work environment attorneys represent clients who have faced sexual harassment.

The firm’s attorneys provide advice, counsel, and legal strategy for anyone who is experiencing sexual harassment at work. The California sexual harassment attorneys help victims of sexual harassment across the Golden State; LFJ has offices in Los Angeles, Sacramento, Bakersfield, San Diego, and other areas throughout California.

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LFJ’s Workplace Harassment Lawyers Can Help if Your Employer Retaliates Against You

In a hostile work environment, unfortunately anything is possible. California law prohibits employers from retaliating against their employees who file sexual assault claims against them. And Lawyers for Justice, PC’s harassment lawyers protect and uphold that law for clients.

If the harassment persists, it is in the employee’s best interest to contact a top sexual harassment lawyer, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC. The attorneys have been fighting for over a decade against unfair workplace conditions and have recovered millions of dollars for clients.

Have you been touched inappropriately by a coworker? Has your boss made sexual comments or advances toward you? Has a supervisor promised you a raise in exchange for sexual favors? If so, you may be eligible for a sexual harassment lawsuit. More than 5,000 people file sexual harassment lawsuits in California alone each year.

Contact a Los Angeles Sexual Harassment Lawyer

No one shouldn’t be forced to work in a hostile work environment or asked to perform sexual favors for career advancement. You have rights, and a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer can help.

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