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Should You Be Paid for the Time Spent Dressing in Work Attire?

Donning & Doffing: An Unpaid Wage Attorney Explains It

Have you heard of “donning” and “doffing?” Donning is the act of putting on work-related equipment, such as PPE or other uniforms, while “doffing” is the act of removing them when not needed.

Do you don and doff in your daily work routine?

If so, your employer is required to pay you for the time in which you put on and remove work-related equipment and uniforms that are required for you to complete your job. If you are not being paid for the time it takes for you to don and doff, you may be eligible to recover that compensation because it is classified as unpaid wages.

The employment law attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC are very experienced in all forms of employment law, including donning and doffing regulations. Each unpaid wages lawyer at the firm will fight for you to recover any money you are owed and can help you file an unpaid wage claim if necessary.

How California Unpaid Wages Lawyers Can Help

Donning and doffing aren’t the only instances in which our law firm can help in recovering unpaid wages. Each experienced unpaid wages attorney at LFJ is also extremely well-versed in all the federal and state laws that protect employees. Our team stands up to bully bosses who have not paid their employees overtime pay and minimum wage – which is also classified as wage theft.

What is wage theft?

By definition, wage theft is when an employer does not pay their employees for all the time they worked. This includes donning and doffing, neglecting to pay all overtime wages earned and not paid, and ensuring that employees are paid at least minimum wage.

Unpaid Overtime

Unpaid overtime is simply defined as when an employee is not paid for their extra hours worked. An experienced employment law attorney at the Lawyers for Justice, PC law firm can help a California worker file an unpaid wage claim if they have not been paid for the overtime pay they have earned. Suffering from lost wages is more common than one might think.

Minimum Wage Violations

In addition to helping employees who are owed unpaid wages, Lawyers for Justice, PC’s unpaid wages attorney team also advocates for California workers who are not being paid minimum wage. LFJ ensures workers are properly paid by holding employers accountable to the highest extent of the law and filing a wage claim. Each LFJ unpaid wages attorney upholds the federal or state law that sets minimum wage standards. They are the strongest voice for California workers in the courtroom.

What you can do if your employer is not paying your wages

Depending on California wage and hour laws, it may be possible to recover unpaid wages and unpaid bonuses by retaining legal counsel. Lawyers for Justice, PC prides itself on being a contingency firm, which means that all up-front attorneys fees are waived. This is especially helpful for victims of wage theft, unpaid wages, and those who are suffering from wage and hour issues.

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