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Do These 3 Things If You’ve Been Fired

California is an at-will employment state; therefore, an employer doesn’t need a reason to fire you. However, you still have rights after you’ve been let go. Whether you feel like you’ve been fired unjustly, or if the layoff was warranted, consulting a wrongful termination lawyer can be a helpful step. However, before speaking to a wrongful termination lawyer, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC, there are three  things our attorneys recommend you to do if you’ve been fired.

  1. After you’ve been terminated, you must receive your final paycheck on your last day worked. If your employer refuses to pay you on your last day worked, you are entitled to wait time penalties. Wait time penalties are something that a wrongful termination lawyer knows a lot about, and consulting one could increase your chances of winning compensation from your previous employer.


  1. If you choose, ask for a copy of your personnel file. Your employer must give you a copy within 30 days or provide you an opportunity to inspect it within 30 days from the date you ask for it. A personnel file is well within your right to access – after all, the contents of it are all about you. If an employer refuses to provide your personnel file, a wrongful termination lawyer might be your next best option. Not only will they know the best course of action to take in the process, but having them involved will likely put pressure on your employer to cooperate.


  1. Document everything! Make sure to get everything in writing so you have proof of the communication between you and your employer regarding your termination. Documentation helps a wrongful termination lawyer in court or mediations so that a resolution can be achieved. If you were fired and had no previous write-ups or written warnings, there could be a case that is worth pursuing.


Every situation is different when an employee is laid-off or fired, but one thing that’s always a good idea is to speak with a wrongful termination lawyer, just in case. At Lawyers for Justice, PC, we do not charge any upfront costs. In fact, we don’t get paid until you win. We also offer a FREE consultation so you can speak to one of our team members to see the best recourse of how you can handle your specific situation.

If your employer refuses to adhere to the above laws, contact us to discuss your legal rights. Call us at (323) JUSTICE or visit us online at for a free consultation.