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Intake Specialist

Glendale, CA

The Intake Specialist will work directly within the Firm’s intake center. The Specialist is an integral part of generating new business for the Firm and must recognize a qualified Personal Injury, Employment Law, Workers’ Compensation or other specific types of legal matters when they hear it. The Specialist must have the skill to turn a lead into a client. In addition to working with other departments within the Firm, the Specialist may be tasked with special projects on an as-needed basis requiring direction and guidance by the Intake Manager and/or Management.


  • Answering inbound phone calls and placing outbound calls with stellar customer service, professionalism, enthusiasm, and compassion;
  • Performing unbiased screening on all inbound phone calls for the potential client;
  • Assessing and determining the viability of inbound phone calls during client intake screening process;
  • Obtain evidence from the client at the time of the initial in-person interview, including photos of injuries, relevant documents, etc.;
  • Assist in locating missing/unreachable client as assigned by Intake Manager; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned by Management.

*The company reserves the right to add or change duties at any time.

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