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What is Wage Theft?

What is wage theft? Do you know the different ways in which wage theft can occur in the workplace? A knowledgeable employment lawyer, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC have a strong legal strategy to ensure victims of wage theft are compensated fairly.

The definition of wage theft is when employers do not pay their employees for work they have completed. In theory, if an employer puts an employee to work and does not pay them for their time, they are stealing that person’s time and costing them money they would have otherwise been paid. This is where an employment lawyer can help.

An employment attorney who is well-versed in wage theft can recognize if an employer is keeping funds from employees. While there are many types of wage theft, some examples include:

– Non-payment of overtime wages
– Not giving workers their last payment after they leave a job
– Not paying an employees for all the hours worked
– Not paying minimum wage to an employee
– Not paying a worker at all for their time on the clock

Do you think you’ve experienced wage theft? Have you not been paid properly for your workload? You aren’t alone. The Economic Policy Institute claims that an epidemic of wage theft is costing workers hundreds of millions of dollars per year.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has been thought to exacerbate this notion. In an effort to save funds, some employers are expecting their employees to work their normal hours – or complete their normal duties – but pay them a reduced rate.

Has your employer withheld overtime pay from you? Have they kept money out of your paycheck despite you working your normal hours? If so, an employment lawyer can help. The attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC have over a decade of experience battling bully bosses and holding employers accountable who treat their workers unfairly. The firm’s employment attorneys aren’t afraid to go after big corporations either; we have filed and won cases with some of the largest conglomerates who were mistreating employees. The motto at Lawyers for Justice, PC is that injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Call the employment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC today so they can fight for your rights against wage theft.

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