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Understanding Meal Break Violations

Do you have an understanding of meal break violations? As a California employee, you are usually allowed to take three breaks during your work day – and it is illegal for your employer to restrict you from taking them.. Have you been taking your uninterrupted breaks?

There are strict state rules employers must follow that entitle their employees to certain rest and meal breaks throughout their work day. Lawyers for Justice PC’s wage and hour attorneys fight for California workers so that their rights are protected. Our firm is not afraid to go after big corporations when it comes to ensuring the rights of workers – especially when it comes to meal breaks.

When speaking with one of our wage and hour lawyers, you’ll find that most California workers are entitled to at least one 30-minute meal break and two 10-minute rest breaks per 8-hour shift. During those breaks, it is improper for an employer to ask an employee to work through their breaks, or for them to prohibit an employee from taking them. If an employer does restrict an employee’s meal or rest breaks for any reason, they are breaking the law.

Think back to your latest work day: were you asked to work through your meal break? Was your meal break cut short because you had to return to work? Were you forced to stay on-premises for your break? If so, you may be entitled to compensation. All of these instances are illegal. Lawyers for Justice, PC empowers 30 wage lawyers who can take your case, fight for your rights, and win you the compensation you deserve.

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