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How to Do Well in Depositions (3 Tricks)

Has your employer not paid you what you were owed? Have your wages been garnished? Have you worked overtime you haven’t yet been paid for? 

The best recourse could be to file – or at least get more information on filing – an employment lawsuit.

If you’re involved, or about to be involved, in a lawsuit against an employer, finding a powerful unpaid wage attorney is of the utmost importance. An unpaid wage attorney, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC, will help you master the art of giving a strong deposition. 

In fact, there are many ways to give a successful deposition, but there are 3 tips in particular that can help you do extremely well.

  1. When asked a question, be direct and succinct: do not go on and on about how you felt you were mistreated; keep your answers short and sweet.


  1. Only answer EXACTLY what you are asked; no more, no less.


  1. Always tell the truth: the truth is the most powerful weapon you have, and the truth always wins.


Depositions are crucial; especially if you are looking to recover wages you haven’t been paid. Giving a deposition is a great opportunity to provide your best testimony. Lawyers for Justice, PC’s powerful team of unpaid wage attorneys will diligently prepare you for a deposition so you can be your own strongest voice. We will fight for you, no matter what. 

Best of all, our firm is a contingency firm, so our unpaid wage attorneys only make money when you do. We don’t charge any up-front fees, which makes working with us an extremely accessible option for many prospective clients.. Call us today at (323) JUSTICE or visit us at