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Employment Lawyers in California

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a first-class law firm currently empowered by over 30 employment lawyers. The firm has been fighting for California workers for over a decade and represents hard working employees who have been taken advantage of in the workplace. 

The employment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC specialize in fighting wage and hour lawsuits, class action cases, meal break violations, unreimbursed business expenses, and more. Whether an employee feels that they have been wrongfully terminated or not been paid their appropriate overtime wages, our firm handles all forms of employment law and are always the strongest form of support for our clients. 

Was your job impacted by the pandemic? We’ll even fight for employees who have been unfairly laid off due to COVID-19 or have been unreasonably exposed to the virus without protection. As any experienced employment lawyer knows, employers who expose their workers to a deadly virus should be held accountable.

We have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of California workers and will fight for those who were treated unfairly. The best part? We are a firm that operates on a contingency basis: our clients do not pay us any up-front fees and don’t pay us at all until we win. We have built a powerful system of trust in California over the past ten years. Our team of attorneys is not afraid to go after big corporations in the pursuit of justice.

Have you been treated unfairly at work? Do you know someone who has? What are you waiting for? Contact us to get what you deserve. At Lawyers for Justice, PC, we vow to always have your back. Whether you’ve been unfairly laid off because of COVID-19, or have been treated unfairly in the workplace, speak to an employment lawyer at our firm  to see what legal options you have. 

Contact Us  or call 818-647-9323 for a free consultation today.

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