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Experienced Glendale Employment Lawyer

Employment law is an area of the legal field that seeks justice for labor law violations in California, missed meal breaks, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, wrongful termination, and more workplace issues. An employment lawyer can represent an employee, or an employer, and help them settle an employment dispute.

Sometimes employment attorneys fight on behalf of company workers to protect them from workplace discrimination, or help file a lawsuit having to do with sexual orientation, or other legal rights to which an employee is entitled.

Glendale California is a city in Los Angeles County. While Glendale CA has numerous law firms, the employment law firm that continually helps workers across Glendale, the greater Los Angeles area, and the state as a whole, is Lawyers for Justice, PC – sometimes shortened to LFJ.

LFJ has a team of extremely professional discrimination lawyers, Glendale employment attorneys, and wage attorneys who have a very sophisticated understanding and practice of the law. The firm was co-founded by employment law attorney, Edwin Aiwazian, who runs the law office and serves justice to employees who have been taken advantage of by their employers. The employment law attorney team at LFJ isn’t afraid to file a lawsuit against an employer who demonstrated illegal discrimination, unpaid overtime, unpaid wages, workplace discrimination, a public policy or federal violation in their business. The Glendale employment lawyer team at Lawyers for Justice, PC gives first priority to employees; the Glendale California firm fights on the behalf of employees in order to protect their rights and ensure they get the compensation they deserve.

Although California law allows an employer to fire an employee without warning as part of the state’s at-will employment agreement, the law also doesn’t make illegal workplace behavior permissible. While there are Glendale employment lawyer teams that represent bosses who are taking advantage of office workers, LFJ is a plaintiff-only firm. That means the Glendale CA attorney team is there to protect and file a lawsuit against the employer who acted in an illegal way.

When to Contact an Employment Lawyer

Employees would require an employment attorney in Glendale who can understand the myriad laws that are prudent to their case. An in-depth knowledge of the law is crucial for a Glendale employment attorney to win their case against California employers who have abused federal or state law. An employee needs to be able to trust that the counselor they hired to protect their rights has experiences dealing with a business owner or employer who has committed retaliation due to wage, discrimination, or another type of workplace issue.

The attorneys at LFJ have been fighting against workplace discrimination, breach of contracts, wrongful termination, and labor law violations in Glendale CA for over a decade.

How Does Hiring a Lawyer Work?

Glendale is the largest city in LA County. The city has a population of over 100,000. Many of LFJ’s clients come from Glendale, but they also hail from the surrounding Los Angeles cities and communities – and from across the state.

For those employees who have faced discrimination or been wrongfully terminated by their Los Angeles employers, LFJ offers free consultations. During the free consultations, an experienced employment attorney who has a fantastic working knowledge of the law, speaks to Los Angeles and Glendale residents to better understand how their employer wronged them. Whether the employers violated a Los Angeles County or federal law or, acted in breach of a contract, exercised retaliation against Glendale CA workers, employment lawyers at LFJ give all potential clients personal attention and time to ensure they can help before taking on a case.

What Can a Glendale Employment Law Firm Do For Me?

Lawyers for Justice, PC defends workers’ rights across California. The main headquarters of the firm is in Glendale CA, but the employment attorneys fight claims for clients across the state.

LFJ covers many different employment law practice areas, including employee discrimination, unpaid wages, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, hostile work environments, and wage and hour issues. The Glendale employment attorneys have extensive experience handling illegal business practices and have successfully won countless employment claims against employers for over a decade. Best of all, LFJ offers a free consultation so residents within the city are able to speak to the firm at no cost to them.

Glendale Sexual Harassment Attorney

The attorneys at LFJ have experience defending victims in many types of sexual harassment cases in Glendale. If an employee received inappropriate physical contact in the workplace or was given a difficult time because they were continually met with sexually charged comments, they could be able to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. Sexual harassment in the workplace can vary depending on the specific situation, but inappropriate remarks or whistles when walking around an office are distinct types of sexual solicitation that violates the law. The legal team at LFJ fight for California workers who have been sexually abused and make sure they get the compensation they deserve when they become clients of the firm.

Glendale California Employment Law FAQ’s:

Who is protected by state law against racial biases? California law protects minorities from unlawful discrimination. It is illegal for someone who possesses a disability (either mental or physical), to be discriminated against by an employer. This includes discrimination against women who have recently given birth regarding issues of maternity leave and breastfeeding.

How to find the best employment lawyer? Look no further. In California, Lawyers for Justice, PC is the one-stop shop for retaining a powerful attorney who can fight for the rights of California workers.

When to contact a workplace attorney? Workers should contact an employment law attorney as soon as they suspect there is an issue at work, they feel uncomfortable with how they are treated by their employer, or they have been fired for a flimsy reason.

How to Deal with Discrimination at Work:

If you think you are being abused or harassed by someone at work – or you have been a witness to a coworker who has faced discriminated and faced unjust retaliation when they tried to report it, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today. The Glendale law firm works on a contingency basis, which means that clients do not pay any upfront fees to retain employment lawyer services.

Call 818-647-9323 today for a free consultation.

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