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How a Sexual Harassment Lawyer Can Help You

Top-Rated Workplace Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Workplace sexual harassment can occur at different points and times throughout a California worker’s career. In some cases, workers have been on the receiving end of sexual harassment have experienced job changes in response to such immoral treatment.

The sexual harassment lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC have been fighting for California workers for over a decade. Our team of sexual harassment attorneys have helped employees bring their coworkers or employers to justice when they have been the victims of unwanted sexual advances, a hostile work environment, and been subjected to overt sexual conduct in the workplace.

Many people how have been sexually harassed may have difficulty reading the following article. If you have experienced unwelcome sexual advances at work, then you may be may entitled to compensation. Any form of sexual harassment or sex discrimination in the workplace is illegal.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other verbally and physically inappropriate conduct of any sexual nature resulting in the termination of the job.

Types of Sexual Harassment Include:

  • sexual innuendos
  • offensive sexual comments
  • sexual propositions
  • unwanted physical touching
  • requests for sexual favors
  • quid pro quo harassment
  • any comments of questions of a sexual nature

How long will a sexual harassment lawsuit last?

The California courts do not take a sexual harassment claim lightly. State courts are rightfully diligent in punishing employers who sexually harass employees – even harassment under isolated incidents.

The best course of action an employee can take is to contact an employment lawyer with a specialty as a sexual harassment lawyer. Sexual harassment attorneys, like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC, can aid in filing a sexual harassment lawsuit and develop a safe attorney client relationship during the difficult time.

Best of all, if you have experienced workplace harassment, or have even been rejecting sexual advances for a long period of time, the sexual harassment attorney team at LFJ offers a free consultation. Our law firm believes no victim of sexual harassment should incur any financial burden to retain powerful representation.

Rules for Workplace Sexual Harassment From a Co-Worker

When there is sexual harassment at work from one employee to another, the employer can only be held responsible for for not taking corrective actions regarding the unwanted sexual advances.

The employer may be responsible for a sexual harassment claim where management was supposed to know about the sexual assault and there were not actions taken to correct the alleged harasser and their workplace harassment as promptly as possible.

It is extremely important to report sexual harassment when an employee first experiences it – whether it’s from an employer or fellow worker. When a victim of sexual harassment reports the inappropriate sexual advance to a sexual harassment lawyer, the team of sexual harassment attorneys can build a stronger case.

Long Term Consequences of Being Subject to Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

An employee will most likely find it difficult to communicate with their employer when they were hurt by sexual violence, solicited for sexual favors, or were a victim of sexual assault. Rather than running the chance of opening up new traumas, threats, or prolonged harassment in the workplace, the sexual harassment victim should speak to an experienced sexual harassment lawyer instead of their employer.

Most sexual harassment cases cause emotional distress for victims and symptoms can include emotional suffering and/or depression. Sexual harassment impacts an employee victim both physically and emotionally.

Quid Pro Quo Workplace Sexual Harassment

Quid pro quo sexual harassment means that an employee’s job security or the opportunity to advance is contingent on a worker performing sex acts to an employer or coworker. It’s important to know that these “sex acts” can be purely verbal and not physical.

A workplace that tolerates behavior promoting quid pro quo harassment is a sexually hostile work environment and is illegal.

Filing A Sexual Harassment Claim

First, report the harassment to the human resources department at your office if you feel safe to do so. Even if you do, make sure to document where the sexual harassment took place and the nature of the assault.

Then contact an employment attorney so they can help you file a claim. Do not wait. It is best to act immediately in reporting sexual harassment to avoid missing any deadlines that could jeopardize your claim.

Call Lawyers for Justice, PC today for a free consultation to see if our qualified sexual harassment lawyers can help. Call 818-647-9323 for more information.

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