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What to Do After a Construction Accident

The Center for Construction Research and Training found, in 2015, there were 80,000 construction accident injuries. Construction workers are at a much higher risk of injury than workers in other trades. If you work in the industry, there is the unfortunate chance you may suffer from a construction injury during the course of your employment. If you’re unlucky enough to be injured on a construction site or while performing any work-related duties, here are some key steps to take immediately after the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Getting the proper medical care should be your first priority. Immediate treatment, even for minor injuries, can reduce their long-term impact. Physicians will look for signs of more serious problems that might not appear for hours or days later. In any case, the medical records obtained during the process can serve as key evidence, whether you choose to file a workers’ compensation claim or personal injury lawsuit.

Notify Your Employer

When your health concerns are properly addressed, report the incident to your employer. This should be done as soon as possible; employer correspondence should preferably happen within 30 days of the accident. The report should be issued in writing; make sure to keep a copy in your possession. Every detail in your notes should be as accurate as possible.

By reporting a construction accident promptly, you can expedite a workers’ compensation claim and make your claim seem more valid to those scrutinizing it, including your employer, an insurance company, and the court. Prompt reporting also falls within the requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), which also requires employers to take steps to prevent future accidents and injuries.

Gather Evidence

Be prompt in gathering as much information and evidence as possible; it can help you receive proper compensation for your injuries. The evidence you have can help with the investigation and should include:

  • Information you’ve written down in your journal, including how the accident has affected your daily activities.
  • Contact information of witnesses (an attorney can obtain this if witnesses are hesitant).
  • Photographs of injuries, damage, safety equipment, and other evidence at the scene.
  • Records of medical care and related expenses.
  • A record of every correspondence with your employer regarding the accident.
  • Additional information contained in emails, security videos, and other media.

Speak with an Attorney

Workers’ compensation insurance covers most types of construction injuries. However, if you are denied coverage or provided with too little, a construction accident attorney can help. They can file a claim to get you properly compensated or file a personal injury lawsuit. In addition, your attorney can determine the appropriate legal remedy depending on your situation. It may be possible to recover financial compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

There are specific challenges to workers’ comp claims. That’s why it’s important to get legal advice and help, even if your claim is denied; if so, you can exercise your right to appeal. An attorney can help work within applicable deadlines. If you are not covered, or a third party is responsible for the conditions that led to your injury, your attorney can pursue a personal injury lawsuit.

Contact Lawyers for Justice

Our attorneys are familiar with every aspect of California employment law. If you are a construction worker who has been injured on the job, we can help determine liability for those responsible and build a case to get you fairly compensated. You can count on our employment attorney to address your situation and provide the legal representation you deserve, whether it involves settling your claim in or out of court. Conveniently located in Glendale, we serve clients across Los Angeles and Southern California. Call us at 818-647-9323 today for a free consultation!