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How to Choose an Employment Attorney

When you’re facing workplace harassment, retaliation, or have been wrongfully terminated, finding an employment attorney can just add stress to an already difficult situation. Employers who face lawsuits from former employees face similar challenges. The help of an experienced employment lawyer can educate you on all applicable laws and build a case that leads to a favorable outcome. But the first step is to choose the best legal professional for your situation.

Finding legal representation in a timely matter can make or break your case. Here are some of the best ways to go about choosing an attorney:

Ask for a Reference

The majority of people begin their search by asking family members, friends, and lawyers they know. This is a great start. Even if it doesn’t lead to a direct connection, you may receive names to contact to continue your search. If you currently have a lawyer in a different practice, the legal community in most cities is fairly tight, so most likely they can recommend someone who is experienced with, for example, defamation or unpaid overtime cases.

Online Research

Lots of people start their search on Google. Review sites can be somewhat helpful, but you must be careful in knowing what an attorney has received high ratings for. You can search for employment lawyers on or These databases let you search for legal professionals in specific fields. Once you have some names, you can look up their credentials and history on a State Bar website. Check the lawyer’s own website too; it can tell you a lot about their qualifications and experience.

Interview Potential Attorneys

Contact the attorneys on your list of possibilities. Inquire how long they’ve been practicing law, the kind employment law they specialize in, and the outcome of claims similar to yours. Find out the procedure for handling a case if it doesn’t settle before going to trial. And make sure to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Does the attorney explain different approaches to take towards resolution, seem open about costs, and discuss how various costs are handled? The attorney should be willing and able to answer any question you ask about their experience and practice.

Before making a decision, always make sure they have experience handling cases like yours.

Be Honest

In order to best represent you, your employment attorney needs to know as much about your claim as possible. You need to be fully truthful with hem. Let them know your expectations for the outcome of the case as well. In addition, educate yourself on federal and state laws that apply to your situation so you and your attorney can be on the same page and they know you are serious about reaching a fair settlement.

Follow Their Advice

As an attorney reviews the merits of your case, they will provide advice. Make sure you feel they are trustworthy before making a decision. It will then be easier to follow their advice and guidance on submitting specified documents and other information regarding your claim.

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