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5 Ways How to Solve Unrealistic Expectations at Work

Because employers know how critical it is for their employees to keep their jobs, some bosses impose unreasonable expectations on their team members. How do you know if your boss is imposing such expectations? Consulting with a California employment lawyer can help put things into perspective. But first, here are some early signs to understand and battle unrealistic expectations at work.

Some bosses assign impossible deadlines, force their employees to work later than expected, put more pressure on certain employees instead of others, or give their workers unmanageable amounts of work.

How to Solve Unrealistic Expectations at Work

1. Don’t Say Yes to Everything

If employees don’t stand up for themselves, employers will keep piling on assignment after assignment in order to ensure their deadlines and needs are met. Unrealistic expectations frequently occur when there is a disconnect in communication between employees and employers. Speak up. Voice your concerns. If your boss still gives you unreasonable amounts of work, call a California employment lawyer like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC.

2. Be Honest with Yourself

Sometimes it can be hard to decide what work is an annoyance rather than an unbearable load. Evaluate your workload, make sure it aligns with what is expected of you in your job description, and be honest with yourself: is the work unbearable or is there an element of overall dissatisfaction that makes the work seem worse than it is?

3. Put Yourself in Your Manager’s Shoes

Ask yourself why they might be assigning you an unacceptable task. Are they trying to honestly divide up the work equally? Do they trust you more than your colleagues? Are they testing you for an upcoming promotion? Or are they simply being an unreasonable bully that’s assigning a task that’s impossible to complete? If the latter, consulting with a California employment lawyer might be your best choice of recourse.

4. Ask for Assistance

Are your co-workers experiencing something similar? Can they take some of the load off your desk? If everyone around you seems to be equally underwater, there could be a greater managerial issue.

5. Request a Meeting with Your Manager

Often requesting a one-on-one meeting with a manager is the best way to express concern with your workload. They might not be aware of how behind you are on your duties. However, if you do request the meeting, make sure to document the outcome. If you do end up retaining a California employment lawyer, that documentation could be important if there is a case.

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