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What Is Job Insecurity?

Job insecurity can occur in two ways – because of discriminatory actions or an overall toxic workplace environment.

America continues to face some of the most divisive cultural divisions in recent memory – but how does that affect you at work?

Intolerance in the workplace is an issue many Californians are experiencing. If your boss does not share your political beliefs, or is prejudiced against your ethnic background or sexual orientation, and retaliates or acts out against you by firing you, reducing your hours, or withholding or reducing your pay, you are not alone. You have the right to retaliate.

The phenomenon of fearing you could lose your job is called job insecurity. And an employment law attorney can help you handle it.

What is job insecurity? First, it is important to know that there are two different types of job insecurity – chronic and acute. Job insecurity is a state of uncertainty about a workers’ continued employment. Workers may experience acute job insecurity (which is when there are whispers of a looming termination or layoff that permeates through an office), or chronic job insecurity, which is defined as a more generalized uncertainty or anxiety about a position being taken away from a California worker.

Many workers may experience job insecurity at some point in their careers due to the nature of the workforce. Now, more than ever, it is becoming more common for workers to change careers and employers multiple times throughout their working life.
However, just because the job market has shifted, doesn’t mean that employers should treat their employees unfairly. While job insecurity can be common, being discriminated against at work is unacceptable. You should always contact an employment law attorney – like the team at Lawyers for Justice, PC – if you feel you are being discriminated against in the workplace.

Studies have shown that the threat or thought of job insecurity can have deleterious effects on employee health, too. For example, if an employee fears they could lose their job at any time, physical and emotional injuries could occur. Studies have shown a connection between job insecurity and heart disease, diabetes, ulcers, headaches, back pain, and insomnia. Additionally, workers without job security are more likely to engage in unhealthy behaviors, such as smoking.

Whether you feel insecure in your job because your employer could be displaying discriminatory behaviors, or you feel that the workplace environment is toxic and contributing to unhealthy conditions for you, you need to call an employment law attorney. At Lawyers for Justice, PC we offer a FREE consultation for new clients and we don’t take any fees unless we win your case.
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