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Rest Breaks at Work: What You Need to Know

All California employees are entitled to one 30-minute meal break and two 10-minute rest breaks per 8-hour shift. Even though that is the law, some employers take advantage of their employees and do not give them adequate rest break time. The unpaid wage attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC are incredibly skilled in fighting for California workers who have been abused and denied their legal break allowances.

Because of our fast-paced society, sometimes workers neglect taking their deserved breaks. They might feel discouraged to do so by overachieving coworkers, intolerant higher-ups, or may just be extremely motivated to complete their entire workload during a full day of work. However, people need breaks – that’s why rest and meal break laws were enacted. Employees who take breaks throughout the day can be more productive at work and can be less likely to suffer from burnout.

But no matter what factors are contributing to an employee neglecting to take meal breaks – even if they are self-imposed, it’s important to talk with an experienced unpaid wage attorney so employees know their legal rights.

Rest Breaks During the Pandemic:
During the COVID-19 pandemic, some employers pushed for their employees to work harder than ever before – and encouraged them to skip their earned breaks. Not only was it unlawful, but that style of management can breed contempt and dissatisfaction among workers, which could lead to more resignations. Unfortunately, our unpaid wage attorneys saw many cases like this during the pandemic. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.

You Could Be Eligible for Compensation:
If you are an employee whose employer is not providing time to take your allotted rest breaks, you could be eligible for compensation. An employer who denies rest breaks to employees is violating the law.

Lawyers for Justice, PC can help you. Our unpaid wage attorneys fight to protect your rights and take back what’s rightfully yours.

Are you just one of a number of employees unpaid rest breaks affected in your workplace? If so, there could be a larger class action lawsuit to be explored. Call Lawyers for Justice, PC today at 818-647-9323 so our unpaid wage attorneys can evaluate your specific case and see if we can help.