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How to Keep Employees in The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation is upon us.

What is the strategy on how to keep employees in the Great Resignation? Employees are leaving their jobs in record numbers, BUT there are things employers can do to eliminate high turnover. As a team of experienced employment attorneys who fearlessly fight for employee rights, the employment attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC shared a few key strategies on how to keep employees in the great resignation. Watch the below video and keep reading for the employment attorney tips on employment best practices; so employees feel valued and so employers can run their business effectively with their important team members.

Employers are experiencing what is being called “the great resignation.” Employees are quitting their jobs at record highs. In fact, 4.5 million Americans quit their jobs in November of 2021 and the movement is showing no signs of slowing down.

What is the strategy on how to keep employees in the Great Resignation?

1. One way employees can feel valued enough to stay in their positions, is for employers to make sure they are paying them on time. Not receiving timely pay is a common gripe employees have when seeking the counsel of employment attorneys, like the powerful team at Lawyers for Justice, PC. Sometimes employees complain about not receiving payment weeks or months after their payment should have been paid and processed.

This also includes ensuring that all information reflected on an employee’s paystub is correct when the employee does receive their paycheck. Have you checked your paystub recently? There are 10 pieces of information that should be included on every paystub. Employees should be sure to check each paystub they are given and also contact the employment attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC if any component is missing, or the check arrives late.

2. The second employment attorney tip on how to retain employees is to make sure that each employer is fostering a positive and healthy work environment and company culture. Toxic work environments are poisonous to productivity and even the employee’s sense of safety and mental health. Working in an atmosphere that promotes a negative sense of security is enough of a reason for employees to leave so they can work from home, for example, where they would not have to deal with an unfavorable workplace environment.

3. The third rule all employers should abide by is to ensure that they are paying all their employees appropriate overtime pay when necessary. The employment attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC have recovered millions of dollars for employees because employers failed to pay proper overtime wages. Small costs add up. When one employee is missing their correct wages, sometimes multiple employees are experiencing the same treatment, which can lead to expensive class action lawsuits. Employees can sue their employers for unpaid overtime in California, and as a powerhouse team of employment attorneys and litigators, the lawyers at Lawyers for Justice, PC do exactly that for their clients.

4. Finally, the fourth facet to retaining employees is for employers to cease any and all workplace harassment that could be prevalent in the workplace. Workplace harassment takes many forms (racial, sexual, religious, national origin discrimination, or age), but any of them are unacceptable. All employers have a legal obligation to treat each one of their employees with respect and equality.

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