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I got hurt at work and they fired me

“I got hurt at work and they fired me.”

“I got hurt at work and they fired me.”   Workers compensation benefits can be awarded to injured workers who experience a workplace injury. However, in some instances, a work related injury may prompt an employer to fire an employee for a work injury so they can evade health insurance premiums, the workers compensation system, […]

Can I Sue My Employer For False Promises?

Can I Sue My Employer For False Promises?

Can I Sue My Employer For False Promises? A California employee can sue their employer for false promises. A false promise is/are misleading verbal statements for job applicants that are essentially a fraud claim. They can land an employer in court for negligent misrepresentation, fraudulent inducement, or other legal issues. False promises from an employer […]

Can An Employer Withhold A Paycheck For Any Reason?

Can an Employer Withhold a Paycheck for Any Reason?

Can an Employer Withhold a Paycheck for Any Reason? No, generally speaking, an employer cannot withhold an employee’s paycheck for any reason that is not legally authorized. Under most employment laws, including those in the United States, it is illegal for an employer to withhold an employee’s paycheck as a form of punishment or for […]

California Paid Sick Leave FAQ

California Paid Sick Leave

In the state of California, most employers abide by a paid sick leave law. Most workers earn Paid Sick Leave to take time off work to care for themself or a family member. Paid Sick Leave is a permanent law in California that requires employers to provide at least 24 hours, or three days off […]

Can An Employer Deny Time Off?

Can an Employer Deny Time Off?

In general, an employer has the right to deny a vacation request from an employee. However, the specific circumstances surrounding the employee’s request and the employer’s reasons for denying the time-off request can be subject to legal limitations. Under federal law in the United States, there is no requirement that employers provide employees with paid […]

On Call Pay In California

On-Call Pay in California

In California, employers are generally required to pay employees for all hours worked, including any time spent on-call. However, the specific rules for on-call hours in California can depend on the circumstances of the on-call employee arrangement, hours worked, the employee’s job duties and regular working hours, and state minimum wage and/or labor laws. Under […]

Continuing Violation Doctrine In California

Continuing Violation Doctrine in California

The continuing violation doctrine is a legal principle that applies in California employment law. It allows an employee to file a discrimination claim based on a pattern of conduct that occurred over time, even if some of the conduct falls outside the statute of limitations period. In California, the statute of limitations period for filing […]