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workers compensation attorney

Understanding Workers Compensation

The employment law attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC (LFJ) have a strong track record of delivering incredible results for clients, especially when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. Workers’ compensation benefits refers to any compensation benefits California workers can obtain for obtaining an injury or illness while on the job. LFJ’s employment lawyers not […]

How Employers Should Treat Employees

How Employers Should Treat Their Employees

Employees are the heart of any business and they should always be treated with the utmost care, respect, and fairness. At Lawyers for Justice, PC, our powerhouse team of discrimination attorneys fight for employees to ensure they are being valued at work. Edwin Aiwazian, co-founder of Lawyers for Justice, PC, sat down with Alex Steiniger […]

Tips for Returning to Work Post-Pandemic

Tips for Returning to Work Post-Pandemic | San Diego Connect Interview 2

Staying healthy as workplaces open back up is a key aspect for society and employees returning to normal workplace. However, if employers are making their team members return to work in a COVID-saturated environment, it might be time to call a hostile work environment attorney like the ones at Lawyers for Justice, PC. Edwin Aiwazian, […]

Unfair Workplace Conditions | Lawyers for Justice, PC on San Diego Connect

Unfair Workplace Conditions | San Diego Connect Interview

As a work environment lawyer, Lawyers for Justice, PC’s co-founder, Edwin Aiwazian, was thrilled to chat with San Diego Connect about unfair workplace conditions for people returning to the office after – and during –  the pandemic as new variants of COVID continue to be discovered.   In the past two weeks there have been […]

Happy Holidays for Lawyers for Justice, PC

Happy Holidays, from Lawyers for Justice, PC

In an effort to celebrate the success of Lawyers for Justice, PC’s hard work over the course of 2021, the entire firm – both attorneys and staff – congregated at Otium in Downtown Los Angeles for an evening to remember.   As an employment law firm, Lawyers for Justice, PC has recovered millions of dollars […]

Understanding Sexual Harassment at Work

Understanding Sexual Harassment at Work

Workplace Sexual Harassment Historically, sexual harassment is a sad, but it is a common trope many experience at work. But what exactly does sexual harassment in the workplace look like? Lawyers for Justice, PC’s powerhouse team of over 25 lawyers are experienced workplace sexual harassment attorneys. Because the sexual harassment lawyers at LFJ stand up […]

what important information is available on a pay stub?

10 Pieces of Information that Should Be on Every Paystub

Paystubs: in this day and age, not many people think to check their paystubs, especially if they are paid through direct deposit. However, sometimes paystubs contain errors, and it is advised that you contact an employment attorney as soon as possible if you recognize a mistake on yours.   What Counts As A Pay Stub? […]