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Over a decade, Lawyers for Justice, PC, has represented California workers in class action lawsuits. We have a practice based in Los Angeles County and serving the entire State of California, focusing on litigation related to employment and labor law, unfair business practices, and mass torts. The experienced attorneys at our firm represent clients in matters such as wage and hour disputes, consumer fraud, consumer and health information privacy, and a variety of other labor and employment law claims.

California has strict Labor Codes. We aggressively prosecute companies that violate these codes as well as federal employment labor laws. Our lawyers protect workers rights in relation to wage issues such as unpaid overtime, meal/rest breaks, and bonuses and tips. The labor rights of employees at all levels are protected thanks to our extraordinary dedication to ensuring their entitlements are met.

Whether it’s retaliation, harassment, or consumer rights, we address legal matters in state and federal courts. We’ve brought claims against businesses in numerous industries, including those that are prominent regional, national, and Fortune 500 companies. Our mission is to ensure our clients have a voice, can assert their own rights, and receive the compensation they deserve while providing professional legal advice.

Lawyers for justice attorneys

Edwin Aiwazian

Managing Attorney of Lawyers for Justice, PC, Edwin Aiwazian leads the law firm to provide workers with a voice and platform to speak up and assert their own rights. He graduated Pepperdine University School of Law in 2004. Mr. Aiwazian has dedicated his entire life representing clients focused on class actions, torts, and products liability cases , and has held companies in banking, manufacturing, retail, and other industries accountable for their actions. He is a member of Lawyers for Distinction was selected as a Super Lawyer by SuperLawyers.com for 2017 – 2020.

Arby Aiwazian black and white profile

Arby Aiwazian

Arby stands up for workers in class and complex wage-and-hour matters involving employers in multiple industries, including agricultural, banking, and hospitality. He is the Sole Shareholder of Lawyers for Justice. Multilingual in English, Armenian, and Spanish, Arby speaks for those who haven’t been heard. Arby’s discipline and determination has enabled him to successfully obtain class-wide resolutions in over 100 cases. Under his guidance and supervision, Lawyers for Justice has recovered millions of dollars for thousands of individuals. Arby is always working to help clients recover what’s rightfully theirs. A winner through and through, Arby’s hard work has been recognized multiple times, including: Super Lawyers Rising Stars (2017-2021).

Joanna Ghosh

Joanna Ghosh is a Senior Attorney at Lawyers for Justice, PC, and represents workers in class and complex wage-and-hour matters. She is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association. Admitted to practice law in California and New York, Joanna practices in United States District Courts in California and the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. Before joining Lawyers for Justice, PC., she was Principal Attorney at The Ghosh Law Group, APC, practicing in appellate, bankruptcy, and business litigation matters.

practice areas

Employment Law

People rely on their jobs to feel rewarded and provide for themselves and their families. Issues such as pay equity and rights for family or maternity leave often get in the way. When they do, our attorneys fight for you.
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Wage & Hour

An employer that pays below minimum wage, fails to pay regularly, or does not pay for overtime is in violation of the law. Employers are also liable for denial of benefits and withholding of bonuses and tips.

Wrongful termination

Businesses are forbidden by law to fire or discharge an employee for reporting a violation, refusing to perform a duty that violates the law, or exercising any statutory right or privilege; discrimination for requesting paid or family law is illegal as well.

Workplace Injuries

When an injury is caused by unsafe conditions, a lack of supervisor training, or negligence, particularly when the conditions leading to an accident are not addressed or the company lacks/does not follow safety policies, you have the legal right to file a complaint and recover damages.

Sexual harassment

Is the most common type of workplace harassment, and can involve demands for physical acts in return for work-related benefits, but also takes other forms such as unwanted touching, jokes, and photographs; however, harassment in the workplace manifest in many other ways.

Consumer rights

Unfair, deceptive, and fraudulent business practices have caused harm to all-too-many unsuspecting consumers. Companies are required to provide accurate information, ensure safety, and properly market their products. When they don’t, consumers may sue to obtain significant recoveries.

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Injustice is no match for our team. Whether seeking legal advice on potential harassment or wage and hour violation, or are part of a class action lawsuit, you’ll have a strong team behind you. Over the years, we’ve recovered millions of dollars on behalf of California employees. Schedule your free consultation today!