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Consumer Protection and Class Action Attorney in California

Lawyers for Justice, PC, is a leading law firm in California ready to protect employees and consumers. Consumers are often unaware of the risks of falling victim to companies who don’t abide by state and federal laws. The unlawful conduct of manufacturers, sellers, financial institutions, debt collectors, retailers, and other companies puts consumer safety at risk. You can depend on our law firm to fight for you and and anyone else impacted by the unlawful and wrongful conduct of corporations. Illegal conduct can take many forms, but we’re experienced at taking on large corporations in a wide range of situations.

What Is Consumer Class Action?

A consumer class action claim provides the opportunity for individuals to pool their resources in taking legal action against a corporation. For most people, going it alone is just too expensive. Big companies know most consumers can’t afford to bring a claim against them and thus continue to practice wrongful conduct. Class actions can include claims related to product liability, security fraud, unfair debt collection, unfair trade practices, consumer fraud, and others.

Common Consumer Rights Violations

Consumer class action lawsuits can involve a wide range of violations and industries. They may pertain to matters of: 

  • Consumer Safety: Can involve food or beverage products with harmful/toxic substances, product defects that put consumers at risk of injury, or inaccurate labelling that fails to provide proper safety warnings or instruct consumers on proper use of a product. 
  • High Technology Products: Defective computers and personal devices often have flaws that make them potentially dangerous or unusable for the purpose they’re marketed for and intended to provide consumers.
  • Privacy: Deceptive practices that force consumers to reveal personal information or involve use of software on mobile devices that can log personal details including text messages or information entered on forms, for example. 
  • Misleading Products: False product claims such as misleading labels, bait and switch advertising, confusing ads, failure to disclose all appropriate information, portrayal of a product as superior to something similar from a different company, and unsubstantiated claims.
  • Unfair Debt Collection Practices: Unusually deceptive or abusive tactics in attempting to collect debts. The violator may put excessive pressure on a consumer to pay or misrepresent the amount of the debt or its status. 
  • Unfair Bank/Lender Practices: Banks, lenders, and other financial institutions that impose hidden charges or overcharge consumers are breaking the law.
  • Robocalls/Spam: The Telephone Consumer Protection Act forbids activities such as unsolicited calls, faxes, or text messages by companies.
  • Billing Fraud: Hidden fees, improper auto-renewal charges, and other unfair/deceptive practices that violate laws related to billing consumers. Unfair business practices also include warranty fraud and price-fixing.

California Laws and Regulations

State and federal laws and regulations oversee the actions of businesses and how they affect consumers’ safety or the privacy of personal data. 

  • Federal Consumer Protection Law: The Bureau of Consumer Protection and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) protects consumers from unethical and careless business practices and restricts the advertising of products and services, handling of personal data, and other matters. 
  • California Consumer Protection Law: The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) grants consumers data privacy rights and full control over their personal information. Provisions in the law include the right to delete personal details and opt out of the sale of personal information collected. California has some of the nation’s strictest consumer protection laws. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018, among other state and federal laws, afford consumers basic rights such as:

  • Right to Safety: Information that ensures a product a consumer purchases is safe to use as instructed. 
  • Right to Information: Complete details must be accessible when a consumer makes a purchasing decision.
  • Right to Choose: Consumer should have purchasing options regarding the quality and price of a product/service. 
  • Right to Act: Consumers should have administrative and legal means to protect rights that are violated by a business.

How an Attorney Can Protect Your Consumer Rights?

A consumer rights attorney is familiar with all types of wrongdoing that a manufacturer, retailer, debt collector, or other company may engage in. Staging a class action lawsuit requires extensive legal experience. Our lawyers believe there’s strength in numbers. With the power of many like-minded consumers like you, we can force corporations to abide by the law and obtain compensation on our clients’ behalf.

What To Do When Your Consumer Rights Are Violated?

Your first step should be to identify the type of complaint. Common consumer complaints identified by the FTC include debt collection, imposter scams, and identity theft. It is important to know your rights. Filing a complaint as soon as possible is essential in improving the odds of success of your case. 

To start, report the incident with the company. Keep a written record of you who communicate with and the context of your interaction with them. If your complaint goes ignored, contact someone in a higher position within that company. Contacting a local government agency, suing in small claims court, or contacting a consumer rights law firm can help build your case and get compensated for any damages caused.

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When your rights are violated, contact Lawyers for Justice, PC. Our team will take on the most complex product liability and unfair trade practice lawsuits. From defining the class to choosing a plaintiff that best represents the case, we can help everyone in the group wronged by the company’s actions get the compensation they deserve. Countless individuals have been harmed by unsafe business practices and consumer rights violations. The consumer rights attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC are prepared to help you seek compensation for the harm done to you. 

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If you haven’t been paid the wages you deserve, have been harassed at work, or have been wrongfully terminated, we provide the legal advice and representation you need. At Lawyers for Justice, PC, our team understands every detail of state and federal labor laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which covers minimum wages, overtime pay, and recordkeeping. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in damages. Our attorneys have taken on the most complex of cases including mass torts and class action lawsuits involving California’s largest employers.

Why lawyers for justice

The law provides employees with rights they can exercise in a wide range of circumstances. Unfortunately, not all companies abide by their legal obligations or treat all employees fairly and equally. All too often, workers are terminated, harassed, discriminated against, or have their wages reduced or career opportunities blocked for the wrong reasons. People who put all their energy into their professions rarely have the legal know-how to fight their unscrupulous employers.

That’s what Lawyers for Justice, PC, is here for. You have the right to sue your employer for any type of discrimination, whether its denial of a job, a change in the terms of your employment, or wrongful termination due to qualities known as “protected classifications” (age, race, gender, etc.) or exercising your legal duties to report illegal activities or unsafe conditions. We represent workers who have been treated unfairly and get them compensated for lost wages and the hardship brought on by their employer’s actions.

Our litigation professionals have extensive experience in representing clients in all types of employment and labor law cases. We’ve won huge class action lawsuits ranging from unfair business practices to consumer fraud. If an employer violates California’s Labor Code, Business and Professions Code, or federal employment laws, we can protect employees’ rights and entitlements, in many different industries.

Lawyers for justice attorneys

Edwin Aiwazian

Founder of Lawyers for Justice, PC, Edwin Aiwazian established the law firm to provide workers with a voice and platform to speak up and assert their own rights. He graduated Pepperdine University

School of Law in 2004. Previously, Mr. Aiwazian focused on class actions, torts, and products liability cases while employed at Girardi &Keese, and has held companies in banking, manufacturing, retail, and other industries accountable for their actions. He is a member of Lawyers for Distinction was selected as a Super Lawyer by for 2017 – 2020.


Joanna Ghosh

Joanna Ghosh is a Senior Attorney at Lawyers for Justice, PC, and represents workers in class and complex wage-and-hour matters. She is a member of the California Employment Lawyers Association.

Admitted to practice law in California and New York, Joanna practices in United States District Courts in California and the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. Before joining Lawyers for Justice, she was Principal Attorney at The Ghosh Law Group, APC, practicing in appellate, bankruptcy, and business litigation matters.


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Injustice is no match for our team. Whether seeking legal advice on potential harassment or wage and hour violation, or are part of a class action lawsuit, you’ll have a strong team behind you. Over the years, we’ve recovered millions of dollars on behalf of California employees. Schedule your free consultation today!