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What is a Contingency Fee?

Employment lawyers, like all attorneys, have set structures in which they collect payment from clients. Unless the client is receiving pro-bono legal services (otherwise known as free or no-cost legal fees), there is an expectation that they will be paying an employment lawyer to fight for them on a specific case. But how much does – and should – the client pay?

Most lawyers charge $200 to $500 per hour for their services.

Legal fees are set by employment lawyers. However, some attorneys do not charge any up-front fees to help clients with their legal issues. Instead they collect their hourly rates and employment law fees after they fight for the client and win their case. This is called a contingency law firm, or you may have heard it called a “no win no fee agreement,” a “no win no fee basis,” a “fee agreement,” or a “conditional fee.”

A contingency law firm sets up this funding arrangement so even those citizens who do no not the financial means to afford expensive legal fees and court fees can still retain a powerhouse workplace lawyer to fight for their employment claims, hourly rate losses, and docked pay.

What Happens if the Client Loses the Case?

Lawyers for Justice, PC has been fighting for California employee rights for over a decade. The employment law firm has fought and won cases against massive corporations for employment law violations, wrongful termination, minimum wage issues, loss of overtime pay, and other legal rights. The powerful attorneys at the firm protect the best interests of their clients and also fight to award them maximum compensation for their losses.

In the rare instance that the firm does not win a case, the client still does not owe the law firm for their employment case. Our team of employment lawyers know the emotional distress being taken advantage of by an employer can hold, so we do not charge for our legal work when our clients are already under distress. We are proud to offer a “no win no fee agreement” with each employment claim.

However, we do our due diligence prior to taking on and employment issue from a client so that we can be sure we will build a solid case for them, protect their best interests, and win.

Free Legal Consultation

Lawyers for Justice, PC knows how daunting it can be for a California worker to seek legal advice for employment issues that require assistance.

Which is why we offer a free initial consultation. We happily wave our fee so we can have a conversation with each potential client in an effort to determine if we can build an employment case around their exceptional circumstances. In our free consultation, we get to know each potential client a little better; we ask what labor law violations have occurred and also explain the legal process and the potential of a settlement agreement if we believe our employment law attorneys can reach one.

Referral of Employment Case

If after the free consultation we review the potential client’s employment claim. If we believe it would be better suited for another employment law attorney, we contact another very qualified legal team we recommend and suggest the client uses them for their employment law litigation services.

Lawyers for Justice, PC is a firm that respects and values our neighboring law firms. We believe that working together with other employment law attorneys for the greater good is the best way to serve our clients. and ensure employment claims are filed.

We are constantly approached about employment violations from our clients and audience; sometimes for areas of law that we do not practice.

No win no fee lawyer employment

Lawyers for Justice, PC is only paid only if our client receives compensation for damages either through a settlement or after a trial. Because of the “no win no fee basis,” LFJ is paid a percentage of all the compensation we recover.

Our contingent fees are outlined in a contract with each client that explains how the fee is calculated.

Contact the Lawyers for Justice, PC for a free case evaluation by calling (818) JUSTICE.

Our team handles your “no win no fee agreement” lawsuit, which includes filing fees, obtaining records to prove financial losses and unlawful deduction, hiring experts and investigators, court reporters, jury fees and other costs necessary to prosecute your claim. We have the resources to go the distance based on a strong history of winning. In addition to our contingent fee, we are reimbursed for these expenses on completion of your case.

We receive a fee only if we win. We work harder to win the maximum claim compensation for our clients.