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Workplace harassment takes many forms, including discrimination, unfair treatment,
and a hostile work environment. If you’ve faced sexual harassment or experienced any
type of abusive behavior or intimidation at work, contact Lawyers for Justice, PC. We will
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Workplace Harassment Lawyers in Los Angeles

The workplace harassment attorneys at Lawyers for Justice, PC are familiar with all the laws governing the fair treatment of employees. Many employees face discriminatory acts and harassment on the job. When this happens, an employer has a duty to correct the problem. But oftentimes this is not the case, which is where we come in. Contact Lawyers for Justice, PC if you’ve been treated inappropriately at work and your employer has done nothing to stop it. We’ll investigate the matter and help you file a harassment claim, which can potentially lead to compensation.

What Constitutes Workplace Harassment and Discrimination?

A common form of workplace discrimination is harassment based on skin color, gender, sexual orientation, age, or ADA status. Harassment in the workplace doesn’t only involve an employer acting on an employee; it can also occur between colleagues or people outside the company, such as delivery personnel, who interact with an employee regularly.

Regardless of the type of harassment, anyone can file a claim if they feel affected by another’s actions. Acts that can contribute to a distressing work environment include:

  • Unwanted sexual advances or requesting sexual favors in exchange for employment benefits/continued employment, or threatening reprisal for refusing sexual advances
  • Offensive remarks, epithets, insults, mockery, and other forms of verbal conduct that pertain to a person’s appearance, clothing, beliefs, etc.
  • Physical assaults, including direct threats to one’s safety, unwanted touching, or impeding an individual’s movement
  • Offensive images and notes
  • Racial slurs
  • Interfering with work obligations due to an employee’s personal identity
  • Psychological harassment
  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Name-calling

First Steps to Claim

Workers are often hesitant to file a harassment claim for fear of retaliation by their employer. However, this is illegal. You can take further legal action against an employer if they deny you a promotion, force you to resign, or otherwise hold a report of harassment or discrimination against you. Others are concerned that sensitive details of their lives may be revealed. But having legal representation can prevent this from happening and hold anyone who attempts to reveal personal information liable for their actions.

Your first steps should be to report offensive behavior to your employer’s human resources department, which provides an official record of your intent to resolve the situation. Keeping your own record of events with dates, inappropriate/harmful acts, and the names of any witnesses, can prove to be invaluable evidence. Your employee manual should explain the company’s harassment/discrimination policy in detail. If your employer doesn’t take the appropriate steps to remedy the situation, consult with an experienced employment law attorney, who can advise you on the next best steps to take.

California Workplace Laws and Your Rights

The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) explicitly prohibits harassment, discrimination, and retaliation and requires employers prevent and correct any wrongful behavior. Employers face strict liability for any form of harassment. Management can still be responsible for any damages resulting from harassment even if they didn’t know an incident occurred. If a strong harassment policy is in place, a company can avoid liability if the issue occurred between non-management employees, but if management knew of the harassment and failed to act, the company will be held accountable.

There are various legal requirements to prevent workplace harassment. These include posting FEHA notices and distributing harassment prevention information, applicable laws, and legal remedies for those who’ve been treated improperly or unfairly.

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If you’ve faced racial harassment, sexual harassment, hostile advances, or other forms of unfair/illegal treatment at work, and your employer hasn’t corrected the issue, contact Lawyers for Justice, PC. We focus in holding employers accountable when employment laws are violated. Able to investigate the facts, file a complaint, and take a case to trial if necessary, we help get employees compensated for unfair and, in some cases, physically and psychologically harmful treatment at work. For a free case evaluation, call (818) JUSTICE, (818) 587-8423 today.


If you haven’t been paid the wages you deserve, have been harassed at work, or have been wrongfully terminated, we provide the legal advice and representation you need. At Lawyers for Justice, PC, our team understands every detail of state and federal labor laws, including the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which covers minimum wages, overtime pay, and recordkeeping. We’ve recovered millions of dollars in damages. Our attorneys have taken on the most complex of cases including mass torts and class action lawsuits involving California’s largest employers.

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So What Are You Waiting For?

If you were unfairly laid off, you may still be owed compensation from your employer. For example, you could be owed unpaid wages or you may be entitled to compensation if your layoff was based on prohibited discrimination.