Because Lawyers for Justice, PC is committed to taking action to achieve a more just and inclusive society, this year our firm formed the Layers for Justice, PC Diversity and Inclusion Committee. The committee is not only an internal resource for the staff at our firm, but also for the greater public. Under the umbrella of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, we launched our first ever community grant program, called the IMPACT Grant. The IMPACT grant (Investing in Marginalized People Advocating for Civic Togetherness) sought to financially assist small businesses, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in the community that promote racial equality, social justice, anti-discrimination, and greater access to education and career development for underrepresented people.

While we received many qualified applicants, we were thrilled to be able to award five organizations the means to further fund their various missions.

Our first winner was Pamela Anchang, the Founder and Publisher of The Immigrant Magazine; a digital website that provides resources and stories for, and about, the immigrant population that aims to destigmatize what being an immigrant means to the greater public.

Another grant award was given to Jean Elie, best known for his acclaimed role on the HBO series “Insecure.” Elie founded the LA-based film production company, Bassett House Pictures, which is producing film and television productions that predominantly feature and employ people of color on and off the screen.

Our third award was gifted to Marketta P. Wilder, who is the Founder of Moss Boss, LLC. Through her company, Marketta is producing an event, called “Holistic Hood,” which is a free event that will help the black community become more informed and educated about different holistic wellness modalities they might not otherwise be exposed to within their communities.

We were thrilled to be able to support a Utah-based organization called the GK Folks Foundation; an organization that provides educational, entrepreneurship, and mental health resources for African immigrants and refugees that allow them to become catalysts for change.

Our last grant award was given to The LA Baby Cooperative. The Cooperative is an incredible organization that holds weekly diaper drives in Los Angeles to help underprivileged families who cannot afford to buy their own babies diapers and other essential infant needs.

Lawyers for Justice, PC is dedicated to community empowerment, especially toward underserved communities in Los Angeles and the state of California. We will continue to be an advocate for change and to help those who are most in need. Please look into our above grantees and if you’re interested, see how you can help further their missions as well.

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