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How Employers Should Treat Their Employees

Employees are the heart of any business and they should always be treated with the utmost care, respect, and fairness. At Lawyers for Justice, PC, our powerhouse team of discrimination attorneys fight for employees to ensure they are being valued at work.

Edwin Aiwazian, co-founder of Lawyers for Justice, PC, sat down with Alex Steiniger on San Diego Connect to talk more about our firm and give key insights into how all employers should treat their employees.

“Firstly, all employers should provide a safe work environment for employees,” Aiwazian said. As a successful labor lawyer, he has led thousands of cases against employers who were mistreating their team members. “Employers should create a culture of respect and dignity that is free from harassment.”

Secondly, another point Aiwaizan raised was that employers should not use the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to not pay their employees in a timely manner. California workers deserve to be paid their full salary for the work they do – otherwise it could be a violation of California labor laws.

If your employer is not paying you on time for your services, call Lawyers for Justice, PC today so one of our labor lawyers can fight on your behalf.

Secondly, Edwin divulged tips for employees on how to know if they’ve been being treated unfairly at work. “When an employee feels like they can’t fight their fight alone, they should call Lawyers for Justice, PC. If an employee feels that their employer is committing a wrong against them, but aren’t sure of the details, they can call our firm without risk.” Lawyers for Justice, PC is a contingency firm, so all consultations are FREE and clients only pay us if we win their case.

“If an employer owes you money, chances are there is a law being violated that protects your interest,” Aiwazian said.

Finally, sometimes an employee may suspect discrimination or harassment. The 25 workplace discrimination lawyers at LFJ also specialize in discriminatory practices so they can be the best voice for you to stand up to your employer.